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Food & Nutrition

Blackwood Street Child Centre provides nutritious and healthy morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for the children.
Our eight-week rotating menu has been carefully put together using the latest information from nutrition institutes, child centres and government departments Australia-wide.
The food plan is dairy rich and we only use lean proteins with a focus on fruits and a variety of vegetables. We only use whole grains wherever possible, and water is offered to children throughout the day.

In our National Quality Rating the centre was proud to receive an “exceeding” in the area of healthy eating. The centre’s menu is nutritionally balanced, providing more than 50 per cent of a child’s daily requirements and our multicultural recipes have been fine-tuned with input from our children and staff.
We have put in place a menu we are very proud of and your children love eating. Our hope is to develop them with healthy eating habits to take with them into their futures.

Click to view our rotating eight week menu (subject to change). Please refer to our Facebook page for updates to our menu.
Our Menu

Our onsite Chef can adapt any meals offered on the menu to cater for children with food allergies and intolerances, and all centre Educators have completed a nationally accredited course in Anaphylaxis Management with Queensland Ambulance. We also are a nut-free centre.

The Queensland Government requires the centre to develop a food safety program, which we have had in place since 2010, and the centre is audited yearly and is always compliant.
It is also a requirement set by the Food Act 2006 that we have a Food Safety Supervisor. Additionally we insure all Educators have food safety training and certificates.



Brisbane City Councils Eat Safe Program is a food business regulatory rating scheme for all licensed food businesses in Brisbane. Under the program each business received a food safety rating based on compliance with the Food Act 2006, the food standards and good management practises. We are proud to say Blackwood Street Child Centre has a 5 star Eat Safety Food rating.


Our beautiful outdoor spaces also provide us with the capacity to grow some of our own herbs and vegetables. If you are interested in helping us with our garden projects please do; we are always looking for volunteers with green thumbs.

We have beautiful outdoor spaces and grow our own herbs and some vegetables. If you are interested in helping us with our garden projects please do. We are always looking for volunteers with green thumbs.

Did you know you can order a Birthday Cake from our Kitchen for your child’s special day. Save yourself the stress of making a cake the night before and help the Centre with fundraising at the same time. Simply pick up an order form from the office or click on the link –  complete and submit to the office a week before the cake is due.