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Kookaburras Room – Kindergarten Approved

Children from ages 3 years to 5 years
Room Capacity – 22 children per day

The Kookaburras implement an integrated curriculum that incorporates child-initiated, teacher-initiated and collaboratively planned experiences and is flexible to include spontaneous learning. The curriculum also includes opportunities for children to engage in various contexts for learning including: play, real life situations, investigations, routines and transitions and focused learning and teaching.
We ensure the physical environment and practices contain evidence of children’s and families’ cultures, communities and lives. We also include emergent literacy and numeracy foundations and practical preparation for school.

For more information on the benefits of Kindy please visit the Department of Education ‘Kindy counts!‘ brochure and the QCAA ‘The Queensland kindergarten learning guideline and my child‘ brochure.

Early Childhood Teacher – Sonya; Lead Educator – Sharon