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Wombats News

December 2017

What an active time we have had in the Wombats Room! We have focused primarily on getting our Wombats ready for the Busy Bees room. After some discussions with the Busy Bees educators we adjusted our Wombats daily routine to match that of Busy Bees to support and guide Wombats with room transitioning. We implemented toilet time, giving children the opportunity to sit on the toilet during nappy changes. Wombats all welcomed this new routine with enthusiasm and excitement when we asked them “Would you like to sit on the toilet?” they always respond with a loud yes and show off they are understanding the concept of toilet time, grabbing and pulling at their clothes balancing themselves on the toilet seat, trial and error methods to reach out for their toilet paper and most importantly washing their hands after. Some of our Wombats have even begun to understand their bodily function and realising themselves whilst on the toilet!! Lisa and I are super proud of the Wombats efforts and we are positive they will be running around in big kids undies before we know it.

We also created a yard/meeting place for us to gather every day before meal time to reflect on our day and get ready for rest time transitioning. Together we sit around our own version of a “campfire” acknowledging and paying respect to the traditional land owners. Group time is a great way for Wombats to get a sense of community with other kids their age and enhance their social skills and improve their attention span. We use this time to incorporate books that the children are interested in and learning about. Some of the books we have read are “yummy yucky” “gentle hands” and “Incy wincy spider”.

What a fantastic year the Wombats have had and we look forward to what 2018 brings!

Anna & Lisa

September 2017

This month in the Wombats room we have been exploring a lot of sensory experiences. From slime, good old fashioned playdough and goop. We’ve extended on interests such as dinosaurs and insects to encourage the children to move past the initial exploratory stage of learning and build on creativity and life skills. Our loose parts experimentation has moved way past the point of exploration with most of the children now and we see basic patterning and pre-mathematic thinking which is great. Next month we will be expanding on some cooking skills using mud and assorted utensils as well as a few planned Montessori based practical workshops using real food and summer based recipes.

Cassie & Lisa

August 2017

This month in the Wombats Room we have been experimenting with different loose parts and allowing the children to get involved in patterning and creativity by manipulating various objects and using their imagination to explore.

We had Book Week and read some special books from home. Following on from this we had a “hungry caterpillar” picnic and every morning we have been going on a bear hunt using the words to various actions and winding down the children’s bodies for story time. There was also lots of painting with different textures and mediums as well as lots of investigation into dinosaurs thanks to Thom and his keen interest.

Cassie & Lisa

July 2017

This month in the Wombats room has been full of exploring and experimenting. We’ve used lots of natural items such as shells, wooden logs and leaves to allow exposure to different textures and expand on their creativity on how these can be used.

With a focus on real life skills we expanded our home corner kitchen and have been adding utensils, packaging and loose parts by the day to further the children’s knowledge of the family kitchen. This allows pre-exposure to measurement, cause and effect and precipitates connecting with others as they mix, stir, pour and create any recipes their heart desires.
Extending on from the dramatic play of home corner we have been providing some cooking experiences for the children. We made banana bread, cookies, infused water with fruit and planted some seeds in the planter boxes to connect the dots between growing and eating.

We said goodbye to Hazel, Max, Amy and Archer as they transitioned to Busy Bees (only next door so we see them in the yard) and welcomed Ike, Ayva, Ethan, Brandon and Liam from Joeys.
Next month we will be exploring “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” which introduces days of the week, basic counting, the life cycle of a caterpillar/butterfly and a diverse array of foods which we will be using to cook with the children.

Cassie & Lisa

June 2017

This month we have been focusing on our literacy and life skills project. A “Book of the Week” was “Going on a Bear Hunt” and we used musical instruments to explore sounds of words, rhythm and rhyme using this book. The children have spent time “cooking” and investigating our “Wombat Stew” set up. Dough and herbs such as cinnamon, lavender, thyme, caraway and rosemary were used to sprinkle, knead, smell and pat in order to explore smell and touch in a more creative way. We have also continued exploring light, shadow and colour using the projector. As part of our play we have explored through the hedges and went on a treasure hunt, we navigated the rough seas avoided the sharks and walked the plank to safety on our pirate ship fort! Inside we have explored our sensory sea where sharks were swimming and a pirate was even walking the plank.

Cassie & Lisa

May 2017

What a busy time it’s been for the Wombat’s. We have had a few new children join our room and two of the Wombat’s have transitioned to the Busy Bees room. It has also been a time of big leaps in the children’s development as we have seen language grow, imagination flourish and friendships form.

As the children grow and develop so does our program and we have been focusing on colour recognition. We had colour weeks doing all sorts of projects and art based on colour. We have named the colours of our toys and the outside environment. This will continue through all aspects of the program to give a good foundation of colours. The Wombats are enjoying counting too. Most of us can count to 5 now and some are even making it to 10!

Imagination and role play are large areas of interest at the moment and one we are including in all of our play. The Wombats love to re-create situations they see in everyday life. We have been making cakes, tea and coffee, using the sandpit, leaves you name it, dressing up (which is especially popular before dancing), driving cars along our road that we made in the room, making our favourite story come to life (Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy) and using the diggers to dig through piles of leaves.

I also want to thank the Mum’s who came to share afternoon tea with us for Mother’s Day.

Shannon & Lisa

February 2017

Welcome to 2017 in the Wombats room! I would like to welcome some new families to our Centre and some old families with new children starting. We have a big year of learning and playing ahead of us and of course, a lot of fun.

We have started the new year in our brand new room. The younger age group is settling in well and absolutely loving the big playground – they are all very adventurous and love to explore. The fort gives us great opportunity to develop our gross motor skills, as well as our observational skills. Working out how to get up and down is a big challenge, but one that the Wombats very quickly figured out.

Our learning this year has begun with a lot of fine motor and cognitive skills. The children are enjoying puzzles and the challenge they provide. Animals is always a firm favourite, and some of the Wombats have been using the blocks to create little environments for the animals they are playing with. We have also just begun to explore magnets. This was brought on by the children’s interest in them. We found a magnet and the children were fascinated by how it stuck so we have continued on from there, following the children’s lead.

During this year we will continue to grow and develop all sorts of skills – motor, cognitive and social. This is a big time of development and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Shannon, Lisa & the Wombats

September / October News

wombats-pic-smlDuring September we introduced the sign in for the children. This has been a great success and a sense of belonging and responsibility for our little Wombats. I would really like this to continue so please encourage your children to do so. Some new faces in our room – Remi and Oakley have joined us from the joey’s room; new children Vincent and Renesmee are also some new friends.

Our spring garden experiences have also been very successful with the children being able to identify what belongs and what doesn’t belong in the garden. Our project canvas also turned out beautifully.

In October we focused on encouraging children to make right choices, with the introduction of our traffic light system. As October is the month of Halloween we have been doing lots of artwork and dress ups and even a special trickle treat.

The weather is certainly warming up so please remember to sunscreen and appropriate sun safety clothing.

If you have any concerns or input into our curriculum, please feel free to chat to any one of your friendly carers.

Danni, Lisa M & Paula

August News

WombatsWhen you think you can’t fit much more in than we did in August. This month has been full of many opportunities for the children. Ekka week, Olympic week and Book week all in one. Not only have the children had a blast but so have myself, Lisa and Paula. To be able to bring the outside world in has been very rewarding – great community effort from all – we all worked together and have taught the children many lessons. The highlight for me was the closing ceremony day when we challenged the Busy Bee’s. Having the Olympic week also gave great opportunity to refer back to our diversity wall and for the children to compete in their desired countries.

Moving forward into September we will be focusing on our Alphabets and learning the ABC song. I have also been teaching the children the days of the week so this will be continued. We have had a few new children into our room so we will be revisiting our room rules also. Don’t forget also about your weekend forms – please feel free to bring them in anytime.

If there is anything you would like to contribute to our curriculum, please chat or email to myself Lisa or Paula. Looking forward to another great month with the Wombats.

Danni, Lisa M & Paula

July News

Wombats CroppedAnother month has passed and lots of learning was achieved. Our diversity wall is looking amazing and we will continue this again in August. As we have many different backgrounds and many of our families have travelled, we are wanting to get a map and pin the places we have all been. On our wall as well we now have a display of numbers and colours that the children reference to regularly – they love showing off how clever they are. Our sensory board is also a success as the children love to pretend to chat on the phone and we have been talking about saying our names when answering. The children enjoy turning the arrow on our weather charts and chatting about what the weather is like each morning and what we need to wear.

In August we will be continuing the colours and numbers, but also introducing letters. We will name everything for the children to become familiar with letters and recognising them. Our parent information area is available as well and we will be using this space to provide valuable information for you. This is where I will print hard copies of any forms that I have emailed.

If there is anything you would like to contribute to our curriculum, please chat or email to myself, Lisa or Paula. Looking forward to another great month with the Wombats.

Danni, Lisa M & Paula

June News

Wombats Pic smlA very busy month we have had. The introduction of Storypark has been a great success and it’s been wonderful all the comments that have been received. We have now finished up our colour recognitions. The children have been very creative with their artwork in learning our colours and this is all still displayed in our room.

Lisa, Paula and I had a great time celebrating the State of Origin football during June and have started to begin our own “Team Wombats”, which is being displayed in our room. The talented Paula has made us some goal posts. We have also been chatting about our healthy habits. The children enjoyed some one on one time with a carer to talk about their favourite foods and to do a food collage.

Moving forward for July we will be continuing work on numbers and letters – but also introducing sensory activities. Paula has created some small sensory boards for us to enjoy with many different textures. The process of our large sensory board is coming together also. The children are also showing great confidence in performing in front of the class. We will be creating more opportunities for performances this month.

If there is anything at all you would like for us to focus on with your child please let us know. Don’t forget it is getting cooler and we are putting the children’s shoes on in the afternoon so please provide appropriate footwear and clothing.

Danni, Lisa M & Paula

May News

Wombats 2aWhat a busy month we have had. May saw the start of our colour recognition. The children have been embracing all the experiences that have been on offer from painting to collage and we even turned some sand blue. Our room itself is even changing with many of our artworks going up on display – please make sure from time to time you come in and explore with your children so they can show off their handywork.

Coming up in the month of June we are going to continue with our colour recognition and also experience with numbers, shapes and some sensory items. Our goal is to incorporate this into our everyday routines such as counting how many children are here each day or how many bowls we need for lunch etc. Each week we are also wanting to set up an interactive table for parents and children to do together on drop offs and pick ups something quick and easy that you can enjoy with your children.

Parent input is always welcome so feel free to chat to one of us or to fill in our weekend form which is always available. Please remember also to pack some warmer clothes as the weather is getting cooler.

Danni, Lisa M & Paula

April News

Wombat's Picture smlDuring April we gave the children the option for inside and outside play – this gives the children choice to engage between the two areas. Quieter activities are offered inside such as puzzles, painting or reading a story. This gives the children a freedom of decision making and for them to become confident and involved learners.

The month of May will begin with a very special Mother’s Day afternoon tea. The Wombats have been very busy making our special gifts for our mums.

Parent input is always welcome so feel free to chat to one of us or to fill in our weekend form which is always available. Please remember also to pack some warmer clothes as the weather is getting cooler.

Danni, Lisa M & Paula

March News

Wombats PhotoOur educators are very happy and excited to welcome new families to our Wombat’s room – Olivia, Hugo, Rose and Edward.

The children are doing very well with their transition, toilet training, group time, packing away and indoor and outdoor activities. During group time “Bee Bee bamboo bee can you tell your name to me“ is the song for children to sit down altogether. The children tell their name one by one and clap their hands thereby getting the chance to know each others name.

As March was the month of Easter, we did some foot painting for making an Easter Bunny. The children love outdoor activities and enjoy nature. To encourage the children we have done Natural Spa where children collect leaves and flowers from our Centre and put them in water and put their hands in the flower water to enjoy our natural spa.

Parent suggestions and participation in programming is most welcome.

Some reminders for the room:

• Please name all items (shoes, clothes, sheets, drink bottles)
• Bring plenty of spare clothes (lots of undies)
• Please remember to place sunscreen on your child on arrival.
• Read your child’s portfolios as we are always updating them

Momo, Lisa M & Paula


February News

wombatsfebThis month in the Wombats room we have had the opportunity to invite new families to the room. Welcome to Estelle, Dillan, Isla and Dylan.

We have been busy with toilet training, participation during group times, caring for their environment by packing away toys before transitioning and most importantly encouraging the children to initiate their own learning. This month the children have moved on from spiders and beetles to now wanting to know more about Fire Trucks. We have incorporated the children’s interests into our day through stories, play equipment and making our own fire trucks out of recycled boxes. The children have decorated the boxes using paints, collage materials and tubing. The Wombat Firemen and Firewomen get to drive their fire trucks around in the room. Check out the poster in the room to keep updated on their progress!

Some reminders for the room:
^^ Please name all items (shoes, clothes, sheets, drink bottles)
^^ Bring plenty of spare clothes (lots of undies)
^^ Read your child’s portfolios as we are always updating them

Corinna, Lisa & Paula

January News

wombats2 smlWelcome to the Wombats room this year. The children have been settling in well into the room routine and expectations.

We have been working on the children’s self-help skills of toilet training and dressing themselves after toileting. We have been amazed at how well the children have been doing with wearing their undies! Other things we have been working on are the children’s social and play skills. By engaging with the children’s play and inviting others to join in helps the children feel more secure and supported and wanting to play with one another. We have seen some great interactions of pushing trains to one another, playing chase and hide and seek. The children have also shown interest in the beetles they have been finding around the yard. This has created opportunities for discussions and hands on learning. Keep an eye out in the room for our beetle collection and poster.

Reminders for the Room:
• Please check your Parent file on a daily basis.
• Read the Communication book for updates and comments.
• Provide nappies, undies and spare clothes everyday.

Corinna, Lisa & Paula

December News

decnewswombHow time has flown by this year! Lisa and I have been amazed at how much the children have grown and what they have achieved over the year, you all should be PROUD. The children also have coped very well with the changes in the room with myself becoming the room leader. I would like to personally say a BIG thank you for making me feel welcomed and allowing me to be in your children’s lives. It’s that time of the year that both Lisa and I want to say a HUGE thank you to all the families and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year and we can’t wait to see you all next year.

This month the children have been working on their independence skills for example: going to the toilet, packing up, expressing their needs, and learning to play and ask others to play with them. We have been seeing lots of friendships forming over the past month. To prepare the children for next year we have been getting the children ready for transitioning into their new rooms by having discussions about what teachers they will have and which room they are going into. They all have been commenting on “What big boy/girls” they are! Our room has also had visits from the children from the other rooms and true to style the Wombat children have been very inviting!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Corinna and Lisa

November News

wombats pictureOver the past weeks the Wombats children have been very busy and showing a lot of interest in a birds nest we have in our tree in the playground. The children have watched on from the beginning as the mummy and daddy bird prepared their nest, flying away to gather many objects to make their nest comfortable. The children showed great excitement when the baby birds were born and how their parents fed them. We in the Wombats Room are now creating our own aviary to make our special birds nest.

While Corinna was away on prac we all missed her a lot. Gabriel, Annabel and Zaiden celebrated their birthday during October – we hope you all had a lovely day. Rhys, Saffron, Lilly, Sharon and Finn will celebrate their birthdays during November – we hope you all have a lovely day as well.


Could all parents please mark your child’s clothing and send extra cooler clothes as spares as the weather is warming up. Please also sunscreen your child on arrival.

Corinna & Lisa

October News

During September, we celebrated Father’s Day with afternoon tea and a play. It was great seeing all the dads, grandparents and mums attend. We also celebrated Pirate Day on by dressing up and having our faces painted.

We have been working on our attending skills during mat times. During these times the children are learning to sit with their legs in the correct position, to have their listening ears on and to have their eyes to the front. During story time the children have done amazingly well and we now get to hear the stories that are being read. Please keep sending in your child’s favourite books as the children are enjoying sharing them with their friends.

We are also working on self-help skills. This covers many areas eg dressing themselves, putting their shoes on, putting on their own sunscreen, finding their own hats and putting their belongings away. We also have many children going through toilet training, so please send in extra clothing that is named. If your child has any dirty clothing you will have a tag placed onto your child’s bag and you can collect the clothes from the clear container in the changing area.

Please come and have a look at the artwork in the room. The children have been having fun playing and making new things to put on display in the room.


The weather is becoming warmer so please help us by sending in the correct clothing for the day so that we can change your child if needed.

Corinna & Lisa


wombats (aug)

September News

Thank you to everyone for making me feel welcomed in the Wombats room. I am looking forward to being part of your child’s life. This month we have also welcomed a couple of new faces to the room – Gabriel and Georgia.

We are continuing with reading your children’s favourite books. We also are reading stories about bears, so in the coming weeks you will see some new artwork around the room.

During outside play we have been working on our sharing and turn taking with our friends. The children have shown great interest in playing with the soccer balls and are now asking their friends to play with them.

Corinna & Lisa

July News

Wombats threw a surprise party for Brighde to congratulate her on the commencement of her Maternity Leave on Friday, 17 July. Brighde is expecting a baby boy in early August and we wish her all the best and we wait to hear of the upcoming happy event. Bella and Lisa will be working together in the interim as the children are all familiar with Bella.

Corinna will be joining the team in the Wombats Room on Mondays only until 10 August when she will start full time. Corinna has accepted a 12 month contract while Brighde is on maternity leave.

Thank you to all the parents who have brought in sheets for their children. A standard size fitted cot sheet with an over blanket and pillow case or sheet bag will do the job nicely. Please remember to take the sheets home to launder at the end of the week.

Bella & Lisa M

June News

Welcome to Abel and Sharon who have joined the Wombats room. The children have been lovely at trying to make them feel welcome and include them in their play.

Recently we have made some room rules that the children have come up with. There were some great suggestions that are now displayed on the wall for them to refer to throughout the day. With some small reminders of the rules they have come up with, they have done well at following these.

We continued with colour this month. Lisa and I are definitely seeing an improvement with the children’s colour recognition. They have really enjoyed the sensory tray with coloured rice. Many of the children have also enjoyed threading which has been great for their fine motor development. We have allowed the children to participate in a variety of other fine motor experiences recently too. Their favourite would have to be using the tweezers and tongs to pick up small items like buttons. We will continue with this as it seems to be an interest of theirs.

We have been continuing with group times and encouraging the children to get up and speak in front of their peers. Last month, we encouraged books to share which went really well. It would be great if the children could continue bringing these in. We also ask that you share your weekends with us. This allows us to encourage the children to get up and speak with their peers about this. Whether you bring in a weekend form, a photo, an object or simply just tell us what you got up to, we can incorporate this into our program.

Next month we will look further into some of the children’s favourite books. First up is ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.  Take a look around our room over the next couple of weeks to see the fun things we have been getting up to.

Room reminders

  • Please ensure all your children’s clothing is named. With winter here and jumpers being removed etc there are many things going missing.
  • Please remember to take your child’s soiled clothing home at the end of each day.
  • As we no longer supply sheets, please ensure your child has sheets and a blanket for their bed. You will be required to take these home at the end of each week to wash and bring them back the next week.
  • Please remember to check your parent files that are located next to the sign in book. Some of these are starting to get very full.

If you have any suggestions or input, please feel free to let us know or write it down on our whiteboard.

Brighde & Lisa

May News

We have had another really fun month! Thank you to everyone who has bought in their favourite book to share at group time. The children have shown a lot of confidence as they got up and shared these with their peers. Please continue to bring these in.

We have extended on the children’s interest of cooking over the last month by encouraging them to make different foods. They enjoyed making lots of the food for our Mother’s Day afternoon tea. So far we have made Anzac Biscuits and chocolate crackles where the children took turns tipping the ingredients in and mixing together. We have also made fairy bread where the children used a knife to spread the butter all on their own! They did a great job!

We began our rainbow room this month to help with colour recognition. The children helped initially with setting it up and collecting colourful toys that we can put in it. We have enjoyed playing with these and practising our colours. We also had lots of fun doing our paintings of the rainbow and doing our contact craft for the window. Next week, we will continue with this and make necklaces, do pasta threading, make our coloured rice sensory tray and ice biscuits with different coloured icing.

Under 8’s Week has been a lot of fun so far too! On Monday we had pyjama day and Tuesday we had sensory day. The children loved tasting, smelling, looking, feeling and listening throughout the different experiences that were set up.

Room Reminders:

  • Please ensure your child has warm spare clothing in their bag.
  • Your child’s portfolios are available for you to take home to view. Please just sign them in and out as you take them.
  • Please let us know about your weekends by filling out the ‘Our Weekend” form. We love hearing about the fun things you all get up to.
  • Please ensure you take your soiled clothing from the box at the end of each day.

Until next time …

Brighde & Lisa

April News

We have had another busy month in the Wombats room! Easter was lots of fun making baskets and going on an Easter egg hunt. We have now moved onto our creations for Mothers Day.

We love hearing about your weekends so please keep telling us about all the fun things you get up to! It helps us to plan our program around the childrens current interests. We are also enjoying group times too. We are asking the children to bring in their favourite book from home to share with their friends. It has been working very well so far.

Lisa and I have noticed the children need some help with their fine motor skills to help with this we have been doing lots of threading, sensory play and using tweezers. The children have lots of fun with this and we have seen some improvement so far.

Room Reminders:

  • Now the weather is getting cooler, please pack warmer clothes.
  • If anyone has any boxes, big or small, we would love to use them for our craft creations.
  • Please remember your children’s portfolios are available for you to take home and have a read.

Until next time.

Brighde & Lisa

March News

Another busy month here in the Wombats room! A very big warm welcome to Rhys, Saffron and Zara! You have all settled in very nicely into our room. J


The indoor/outdoor program that we have been trialling has been a great hit with the children so we will continue to do this on most days. It would be very much appreciated if parents could bring in resources for this such as boxes (cereal, egg cartons, and any small empty boxes) or paper that we could reuse (builders paper etc).


The children have really enjoyed playing in our jungle which is slowly being added to. We will continue to add to this over the next two weeks before we start on our Easter craft!


Group times have been a very popular request by the children recently. They all seem to really look forward to reading books together, singing and of course their favourite, dancing! Music time in the afternoons has allowed the children to continue to build strong connections with the other children. We have seen children interacting with a bigger variety of their peers as well as assisting other children to be part of their shared group experience. It has been really lovely to watch!


Room Reminders:

  • Please remember to sunscreen your child each morning before dropping them off.
  • Please take your child’s soiled clothing home each day if there is some. This will prevent everything getting too smelly.


If you have any ideas or input you would like to express about what we do each day, we would love for you to add it to our whiteboard at the end of the day. J


Until next month…


Brighde & Lisa M

February News

Thu 19 Feb 2015, 9:15 AM

What a great last month we have had in the Wombats! All the children are settling in very well and building great bonds with the other children in our room.


We would like to wish Emily and Tyler a very big Happy 2nd Birthday! Thank you for sharing your birthday’s with us. J


Over the last month we have really been focusing on group time and encouraging all the children to sit and listen to our stories and join in when they want to. This is working really well with the children all having their favourite stories for us to read. Some of their favourites are ‘We’re Going on a Croc Hunt’ and ‘Wonky Donkey’.


The Wombats and Busy Bees are trialling a new program that allows the children to play indoors and outdoors throughout the morning. So far this seems to be working well for the children. We have many things on offer for the children throughout this time such as painting every day, collage, play dough, clay, sensory play, threading and much more. We will continue with this new routine throughout the next month trialling how it goes.


We have continued with learning about colour this month by doing a lot of activities that incorporate this learning. We have been providing the children with a variety of painting experiences with different colours, adding different colours to the water play and having multi coloured sensory play. The children have really been enjoying all of this!


Room Reminders:

  • Please bring a water bottle in for your child each day so they have easy access to these.
  • Please remember to sunscreen your child each morning before dropping them off.
  • We are still collecting family photos for our family tree so if you haven’t yet brought one in, please feel free to bring it in and add it to our tree. J
  • For the children that are toilet training, please ensure enough undies are being brought in every day for when we have those little accidents.


If you have any questions, concerns or input into our program, please feel free to come and speak to Lisa or Brighde at any time.


Until next time…


Brighde & Lisa M