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Brumbies News

December 2017

The Brumbies have been focusing on sciences experiments and the alphabet. The children have learned to cooperate with each other, and showing commitment in a variety of rich, meaningful inquiry based experiences. The children developed a range of skills and processes such as prediction, enquiry, hypothesising, investigating and problem solving through sciences, not to mention their excitement and satisfaction with a wow effect. Another highlight in the Brumbies Room would be the small world play experience which extended on the children’s interest in recycling, animals and insect.

The Brumbies children have also started to prepare for Christmas. The children engaged in holiday craft experiences with lots of curiosity and excitement. From making our very own Christmasmas tree and the Brumbies box tree to making presents for their loved ones, there were lots of little elves working in the Brumbies room making the magic happen!

Haifeng & Lisa

September 2017

How time flies! In the blink of an eye, September is just behind the door. Lets have a review to see what the Brumbies have accomplished this month!

We were so lucky to participate in “Talk Like a Pirate Day” where we learnt to talk, dance and sing like a pirate, it was so much fun!

The Brumbies have shown a lot of interest in transport and the alphabet. To extend this learning experience, we brought in the big truck to paint with and the children could not resist pushing the giant truck over the giant paper to paint their tracks!

From ABC’s to 123’s, the children have learnt to trace their alphabet, made letter collages using natural resources collected from the garden, learnt letter recognition from the hidden alphabet as well as learning the phonic sound of each letter using jolly phonic. Well done Brumbies!

In October, the Brumbies will continue learning the alphabet and numbers. We will also pick up culture celebrations in Oman (Yazin); Australia (Carter, Sharon, Dylan, Frances, Ava and Georgia); Macedonia (Sara) and Poland/Dutch (William).

Haifeng & Lisa

August 2017

How time flies! It’s time again for August’s newsletter!

We have welcomed new friends Molly, Ian and Henry who have joined us in the Brumbies Room.

The Brumbies have been so busy making presents for Father’s Day. Pictures say it all, from posing in front of the camera to making collages, the little Brumbies have absolutely loved making projects to make their loved one proud!

We have also been involved in celebrating friend’s birthday, to participating in science experiments investigating weights and measures, exploring the magic milk; we have celebrated Book Week by bringing along a favourite story from home and dressing up as their favourite character to share with our friends; making craft projects from our Lazy Lion story. We also had incursion – discover the ocean life.

In September, Brumbies will continue to discover our cultural identities of our Brumbies family.

Haifeng & Lisa

July 2017

Once again, another month has flown by so lets look at what we have learnt in July. There was huge interest in dinosaurs so we extended the learning by making a dino land, building volcanoes, painting the footprint, making clay dino-fossils and we even did some colour matching and counting dinosaurs.

Brumbies love their home corner where many dramatic plays have taken place, whether dress ups or cooking, even a simple shopping venue – full of giggles and joy!

Our cultural exploration is an ongoing curriculum item. In NAIDOC Week, Brumbies engaged in a yarning circle, making a didgeridoo, participated in a flag raising ceremony where the children raised their flag from our own culture and developed confident self-identity and accepting who they are.

Haifeng & Lisa

June 2017

How time flies! This month the Brumbies have been very busy exploring our cultural identities such as Venezuela, Scotland and England. Diego’s mum, Angela, came in to cook a traditional Venezuelan dish – Arepa and we have been included by Ming in her talks with the Kookaburras about the Vietnamese culture. We have also been looking at planets in the solar system.  Looking forward – we will be continuing to explore cultures in Omen, France, Poland and China.

• Please bring a change of warm clothes with your child’s name on them
• Each child requires a named hat and drink bottle

Haifeng, Lisa & Leonie

May 2017

In May Brumbies had lots of changes. We had new teachers. We learned new things…
There’s few high lights of the month… we had a great success for our Mothers day afternoon tea celebration. All teachers, children and parents enjoyed their afternoon and interacted with each other. It was beautiful.






In the past few weeks we have explored the cultural identity of some of our Brumbies. We explored Japan through making flags, collage and favourite cartoon characters. From the beautiful landscape to the yummy food they eat. It was a wonderful experience.






Through observations from children’s interests we expanded their play to the next level by extending their ideas through intentional teaching.
Such as our solar system which all started from being an astronaut during a game of Lego.






Brumbies will be continuing to explore the cultural identity of each child in the room next month.


Welcome to our beautiful family tree. Jaxon and Olivia along with some other friends have used their initiative this afternoon and created some brilliant artwork. We can’t wait to add your gorgeous photos on to it and to listen to everyone talk about their family.


Happy learning….
















February 2017

It has been a busy first month for the Brumbies children, settling into their new environment and playground. The children now have a clearer understanding of their routine and are beginning to take ownership over the responsibility of their belongings. We have focussed on a number of learning avenues, both child and teacher initiated, including our interest in bird watching, doctor role-play and preparation for the Lantern Parade.

We have just begun implementing experiences that will help us to recognise, identify and act positively on various emotions. We started with the emotion ‘scared’. The Brumbies children showed what their scared faces look like as we discussed some of the cues our body tells us when we are scared. We are emphasising this learning through the use of appropriate children’s literacy, songs and dance.

If at any time, you are interested on the journey our learning program takes, please refer to our Program whiteboard, just above the water bottle table in the Brumbies room. We would love any feedback or ideas you are willing to share to really bring out the intentionally learning experiences we offer the children.

Just a few reminders:
• Please remember to clearly label your child’s water bottle, hat and shoes (a permanent marker has been left beside the children’s sleep diary on the lockers if you require the use of one).
• If your child requires the administration of any medicine, including Ventolin, please see one of our educators so that we can provide you with the appropriate medical form.
• Feel free to add your weekend adventures onto Storypark as we may be able to extend on your children’s interest or learning here at the Centre (when adding a story to your child’s account – it will only be shared with your teachers and anyone who you have shared access to your child’s account).

Kelly, Lisa & Brittany

September / October News

brumbies-picSeptember was a busy month. With the weather warming up we have had many water experiences and this will increase during the next few months, with the hose in particular being very popular!

Our interests saw the expansion of our sensory courtyard. The children are becoming creative with loose parts.

Our daily sign in sheet was introduced and it is lovely seeing parents encourage their children to find their name and sign in, also the children have had fun using their message pockets to leave each other pictures or notes!

Rob the Pirate came for a visit in September much to the delight of the Brumbies children. The children went on to create their very own pirate swords. We went on many treasure hunts throughout the yard and the Brumbies room and made our very own pirate treasure.

We have been introducing more literacy within our program to expand on the children`s learning. Our new whiteboards are getting thoroughly used, and our locker tags have brought a sense of belonging to the children.

With Halloween around the corner the children initiated some experiences such as pumpkin carving, baking pumpkin scones, craft and painting.

October has seen us farewell Rachel and welcome Teagen. Teagen is known to the children and is settling well into our room.

As most of you are aware, the Brumbies will soon be moving into the demountable building that the Kookaburras have been using, this will be for about 3-4 weeks. Fortunately, the Kookaburras room and toilets will be completed so we will be using those. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact Kerry, Teagen or Sally.

Kerry, Teagen & Sally

August News

brumbies-croppedThe month was off to a windy start with a whirlwind of learning experiences for the children to explore. The dinosaurs were gathered together and special Dino Lands, dinosaur eggs and dinosaur hunts were being planned and hatched! And while this was happening, some little magical friends kept on leaving letters and presents on the Brumbies’ doorsteps…. Who could these mysterious visitors be?? None other than fairies! With the help of the children, a fairy garden was planned and brought to life!

With the Olympics on, we decided to hold our very own ‘Blackwood Street Olympic Games’ but with family friendly games such as the classic “Egg and Spoon race”, “Sack race” and “Limbo”. The children loved cheering their friends on and collecting their medals as they won their races.

This month also saw us farewell Sue. She is off to Tokyo with her family and to continue her career in Early Childhood Education. Before she left, the Brumbies’ were treated to a ‘Farewell Party’ which spanned over a fortnight and gave the children a chance to see what Tokyo is like! From bright lights, bullet trains and Japanese food, the children all had a chance to experience a little bit of Japan before saying their goodbyes.

With Kerry and Sally still around, the Brumbies’ will carry on and continue exploring the world around them!

Sue, Kerry & Sally

July News

Brumbies 2With the weather getting a little cooler, the Brumbies’ have been practising their self-help skills by putting on their own socks, shoes and jackets. By now, most of them are doing really well so don’t let them fool you!

We have also introduced our class helpers board which allows the children to assist in a variety of roles in the room. We hope that this will help them foster a sense of growing independence and achievement through their roles. Already, they are so proud of being helpers and are eagerly raising their hands when we ask for volunteers.

Our focussed curriculum had us looking at “Things with wings”. We had a chance to explore, create and talk about a range of flying things such as hot air balloons, kites, planes, birds and insects. We tried our own science experiment where we would inflate balloons with vinegar and baking soda but it fizzled out… Regardless, the children had a great time talking about things that fly, with or without wings!

During August, we are planning to investigate and learn all about our prehistoric friends! With the Olympics almost here we will be having a little competition of our own in the playground with the Kooks’ and to follow on from some interests the children brought up from our theme “Things with wings” we will be looking at the lifecycle of a butterfly with the help of a very hungry caterpillar…

Sue & Kerry

June News

Brumbies BlocksOver the last month the Brumbies children have been hard at work with them learning many new things along the way. We have seen a few changes in the room layout and the children have been provided with different activities that they may enjoy having access to at all times. With baskets filled with mobilo, duplo, trains and many other things we have seen a huge demand for construction each day and the children are really enjoying this. They are amazing constructors and have really started making things that they have seen around them.

We introduced the children to the light box and it was a hit for some children who enjoyed using the various implements and seeing the results. This was a good time for the children to learn about light and colour and stacking things high to see what effect this would have on the overall colour. Sue and I also introduced coloured pebbles and the children had a blast with these using them on their buildings and making some wonderful designs with the blocks. They really do enjoy construction and have been showing off these skills with outstanding buildings.

The children have had so much fun using their imagination with their all-time favourite – the dinosaur table. Here the children got to enjoy using the dinosaurs, natural blocks, sticks and leaves that they collected one day after the heavy rains we had had. It was so nice seeing the children interacting with each other and developing their communication skills. They have really done a good job of recalling what words to use and how these words can hurt each other when not spoken nicely.

Sue made some gluten free jam biscuits which although the children were not that interested in helping to make them, were more than happy enough to eat the finished product. Needless to say that afternoon tea that day was eaten all up in anticipation for these biscuits. We have seen so many children cooking up a storm with the playdough we have made and they were great at helping to make this with us. They got to help measure out the ingredients needed to make the dough and then helped choose the colours they wanted. We learnt a great deal from this simple activity and they had so much fun making things with the dough afterwards. This is great practice for them as they develop their upper arm and hand muscles which they need for writing and drawing.

With the sun shining so nicely and the room being so cold we have been making the most of the sunshine outside. This seems to have been a hit with the children who have been busy with so many new things. At one stage the children were feeling adventurous and we saw lots of children enjoying climbing of the tree outside. This was a big step for some children who were a bit hesitant to try something a bit new and scary looking, but with a bit of assistance and support along the way they did a great job and we had lots of little Brumbies in the tree laughing away as they stood taller than all of us educators.

Sue & Tamany

May News

Brumbies 2The month of May saw an overhaul of the Brumbies’ room with things being moved here, there and everywhere! With the help of the children, our room was re-arranged to create more intimate learning spaces. We have seen some wonderful learning and play happening between the Brumbies’ in our new room.

Prior to a special visit from our mum’s and grandma’s, the children were busy making their special gifts. They painted and decorated their flower vases and some children even created their own flowers for mum. We hope you all had a wonderful afternoon tea and loved your handmade gifts.

Tamany has already formed a great relationship with the children. She has brought some great ideas with her and we are enjoying having her with us in the room. Throughout the month of May, we have tried many new things;  the children tried their hand at cooking and made some banana bread, their fine motor skills were tested with tongs on sandwich day and playdough was a big hit during quiet time. The doll prams have made an appearance in the room and are proving very popular with everyone and it has given the children a great chance to practice their caring for others skills. It has also been so nice seeing the boys interacting with the prams too and showing their tender caring side to them.

The iPad learning apps are proving very popular and next month we will be looking into some new apps to keep the children’s interest growing. If you have any suggestions or ideas then please come and share them with us, we would love to know what your children are interested in!

Sue & Tamany

April News

Brumbies 2 SMLThis month has seen us farewell Sharine and welcome Tamany into the Brumbies’ room. We thank Sharine for her short time with us and we already miss her dearly! The children have been very resilient and have had no problems adapting to the change and have been getting along well with Tamany!

We have been exploring our Solar System this month and together we made a paper mache sun which is proudly hanging in our room, a rocket ship that has had its fare share of space travel and many other things to help us explore space and beyond. The children have been excited to learn new facts about the solar system and where we live! We have also begun our sustainability project and are in the process of planting our very own lettuce garden. We will continue to learn all about gardening, keeping our planet healthy and our responsibility to the community and abroad.

During May Sue will be away on holidays for two weeks. There has been much change and we are all beginning to settle in once again. We will continue to create a sense of wellbeing and security in the room as well as getting to know the new faces that are with us.

Sue & Tamany

March News

Brumbies 2aDuring March we welcomed Sharine Morelli into the room as Group Leader, replacing Rachel Gillam who has moved to the Kookaburra’s room. Sharine has just moved over from Western Australia and has a Diploma in Children’s Services. She brings with her a wealth of experience working with young children of all ages and has started really well already forging strong relationships with the Brumbies.

We have been exploring what it means to be a superhero. From the ones we find on our television screens and in our comic books to heroes we find in our own community. The children have loved dressing up in costumes, helping stranded animals and their own friends in need. Their play has helped them discover what it means to be a police officer, fire fighter and health care professionals. We hope their new discoveries will continue on to help create a stronger sense of community, care for others and well-being within the Brumbies’ room.

During April will see the Brumbies’ venture into space to explore our solar system. Three, two, one …. BLAST OFF!

We would also like to let families know about the Show and Share opportunity in the Brumbies’ room. Every day we have a little bit of time for the children to share with their peers something they have brought from home. Items that could be brought in are photos, books or something they have made with their families. If your child has something to share, please let one of the educators know when dropping off your child. We recommend items from home be brought in once a fortnight to ensure there is sufficient time for all the children to share.

Sue & Sharine

February News

Brumbies croppedThis month the Brumbies’ have been camping in the playground. We’ve built tents, tee pees, lots of campfires and shared some stories with each other about our trips with family and friends. Our favourite moment was when we roasted marshmallows together with the Kookaburras and enjoyed our sweet sticky treats!

We have also explored our new kitchen, cooking up a storm with some interesting recipes. The class have come up with mushroom milkshakes, apple and lettuce stew and chocolate and cheese platters for us to enjoy! We made our own playdough, set up a supermarket and will be enjoying an in class cooking show with Sue and Vanilla Cupcakes. Fingers crossed our cakes rise to the occasion!

March will see us explore superheroes, fictional and real. We are all looking forward to our visit from Ocean Life and have started exploring sea creatures, BIG and small. We also hope that our ‘Music Tree’ will begin to sprout in the playground….

Sue & Sharine

January News

Brumbies 2The year has been off to a hot and sunny start here in the Brumbies room. New friendships are being formed, old ones’ rediscovered and there are smiles all around.

The children here in the Brumbies’ room are getting used to their new teachers, room and playground and are beginning to explore with more enthusiasm and independence. Every week, the children and teachers have been sharing some small details about ourselves with the rest of the group during morning mat time. From favourite foods, colours, movies, likes and dislikes. We are all beginning to get to know each other a little better every day.

Our adventures in the playground have led us to discover new sandpits, the larger than life fort and new activities under the mango tree. The children have shown an interest in imaginative storytelling and using the props available to tell us stories about their families, birthdays, monsters or bad guys, and bake offs. Mud pie anyone? They have also had an opportunity to learn a little about conservation and helping by watering the vegetable garden and lawn every day.

Next month will see us combine with the Kookaburras for our outdoor program. With the children back from holidays and excitedly sharing their stories with us, we are going camping in the playground! We will also explore learning through the use of a well-known storybook “The Music Tree”. We will see what the children come up with…

Sue & Rachel

December News

Brumbies Cropped 1Thank you to all the parents for their contributions this year. The Brumbies have come along so much in the past year. The Christmas party was a great success, so thank you to all who came along to celebrate with us. The Brumbies have geen going into the Kookaburra classroom to start their transitioning for next year.

Jeannie and Brittany are so happy to be able to move up with the Brumbies and extend on their education and experiences as they will be going to prep in 2017. Thank you for a great 2015, have a wonderful time on these Christmas holidays and stay safe.

Jeannie, Brittany, Libby & Lisa

November News

We are very excited to welcome Jeannie into the Brumbies Room. The children have adjusted to the change very well. We love the ideas that Jeannie is bringing with her and hope the children continue to adjust well during this changeover.

We recently had the Postman (Marty) visit us with his friend ‘Post Box Penny’ who came along to Kindy to talk to us about how post is delivered. All the children listened and watched intently. When Marty had finished talking to us about the process the children were able to go outside to have a turn at sitting on the postie bike and beeping the horn. We would like to say a big thank you to Jedda’s Dad, Marty and Post Box Penny for taking the time to come along and teach us all about the post! We will continue to extend on this learning opportunity by creating a post office with the children, supplied with a range of envelopes, postcards and paper. We will continue to discuss the process of the post, and in particular the sorting machine. We could use the IPad to view a video of how mail is sorted by a robot.

Brumbies Tom C. Tom R.We are loving the new grass in the playground and it is very nice to have the space opened up. The children are taking ownership and for this area and are caring for it so well. We have started to pull out some carrots and they are very big and all shapes and sizes. Some look like they have three legs! We have been eating them with our afternoon tea and also giving them to Donna to put in our lunches. As the garden clears a space, we have been talking to the children about what we would like to grow next and are still trying to decide. Our cucumber vines are growing beautifully and we have got some cucumbers growing. We are very excited to eat them but will need to wait a little bit longer.

Transition Statements for those going to school next year are now available to collect from your parent files in the courtyard. Please check your file and you are welcome to add your own input. These are for the teachers at school to assist in your child’s transition to school.

As the children are loving their group time stories, we would like to invite the children to bring along a book for us to read as a group. If you have a book that we could read to the children, please bring it in named and write it in the diary or tell a staff member.

• Please remember to apply sunscreen to your child of a morning, we will reapply it before we come outside in the afternoon.
• During quiet time, the children are offered the choice whether to rest on a bed or not. For that reason we ask children to bring their sheets and leave them in the sheet containers to allow this opportunity more smoothly. You are still encouraged to wash them regularly though.
• With the warmer weather we will be having more water play outside, please remember to pack a spare set of clothes for your child.
• We ask that your child brings a water bottle with their name on it and that this is taken home regularly to be washed.
• Please encourage your child to carry their own bag and to put their belongings away in the morning and to collect them of an afternoon. This is a positive self-help skill that promotes their independence and encourages them to take responsibility for their belongings.

Upcoming Days:
Uniform Days 25th to 27th November – Children are able to wear their new uniforms to show their friends and educators.

Christmas Party Saturday 28th November – Please DON’T FORGET to drop off your wrapped books at the office before Friday, 27th for Santa to present to your child on the day.

GRADUATION!!!!!!! Wednesday, 9th December – Children are requested to wear their smart outfits for the night.

Kind Regards

Jeannie, Brittany, Libby & Lisa

October News

Throughout the previous month the children have explored and developed their body awareness through the creation of self-portraits. By using a mirror, the children focused on their facial features and used charcoal and pastels to represent their image on paper. To extend on this we began to explore symmetry using photos of the children’s faces that were cut in half and the children drew the other half of their face onto paper. We have noticed some of the children drawing around their bodies on the ground using chalk in the outdoor environment. We will be extending on this and will begin to learn more about our bodies in terms of the skeletal and muscular systems.
We had a wonderful visit from an ambulance officer who brought along their 4wd ambulance to show us. A big thank you to Brittany for organising this fantastic incursion and to Will’s Dad (in the Kookaburras room) for coming in to share his knowledge with us, we really appreciate it. This was a great learning opportunity and followed on to support our earlier learning and exploration about ambulance officers. The children had a lot of fun looking inside the ambulance, and talked about how to call for an ambulance. We encourage you to help your child learn their street address, so that in the unfortunate event of an emergency, they will be more confident with the process. We are still hoping to organise a fire engine and police officer to come out to visit us.
As many of you are aware, we are currently trialling ‘quiet time’ rather than a sleep time. We are providing a relaxation period for the children that allows them to rest their bodies before moving on to quiet, meaningful learning experiences. This change has occurred as we have noticed a change in our children and family’s needs. It also supports those children who will be attending Prep next year. We do acknowledge that some of our children still require a sleep time and we are happy to continue to provide this for them. If you have any concerns or questions, please approach one of your educators from the Brumbies room.
The children have been busy creating their own book! As a group the children have collaborated and contributed their ideas to form a storyline and then create the illustrations. This has been rich and meaningful literacy experience which has enable the children to further understand the concept of print. A book has a beginning, middle and end, and that print conveys a meaning. You are welcome to view ‘The Forest Book’ – we will leave it on top of the lockers in the afternoon. The children are continuing to add to it so it continues to evolve.
Our playground is looking fantastic with the newly laid grass. The children are helping care for it by taking it in turns to water it twice a day! We are very proud of the children and how they have cared for our vegetable garden and they are beginning to enjoy eating the beans and even strawberries! They have a genuine sense of ownership, and truly care and respect the garden. This has been a great process for the children to be involved in, with a little bit of hard work, love and care you will receive a reward. Next week we hope to make our sandwiches using lettuce from our garden! We will also be picking our carrots and presenting them to Donna so she can use them in our lunches.
We also had a fun incursion where we had a visit from the Brisbane City Council who talked to the children about recycling and minimising rubbish. The children discovered which plastics could be recycled and which ones had to go in the rubbish bin. They learnt about the impact rubbish has on the environment and how it greatly affects sea animals. The children also got to explore the worms that our visitor had brought along in her worm farm and we were kindly given some worms for our very own worm farm! The following week saw the Brumbies setting up our very own worm farm in our playground.

• Please remember to apply sunscreen to your child of a morning, we will reapply it before we come outside in the afternoon.
• With the warmer weather we will be having more water play outside, please remember to pack a spare set of clothes for your child.
• We ask that your child brings a name water bottle and that this is taken home regularly to be washed.
• Please encourage your child to carry their own bag and to put their belongings away in the morning and to collect them of an afternoon. This is a positive self-help skill that promotes their independence and encourages them to take responsibility for their belongings.

Brumbies PictureSeptember News

It’s that time of year to get out into the garden again, and the children in the Brumbies room have enjoyed planning, planting seedlings and caring for our vege garden! The children have chosen which plants they would like to grow in our garden, and are keen to help look after it by watering and spreading mulch. We have also begun the process of building our ‘vertical garden’ out of recycled formula tins. They are nearly ready to plant out and hang on the sandpit walls.

We have also been talking about what the Police, Ambulance and Fire do for our community. There have been lots of fantastic ideas and contributions made by the children to our group discussions. The children have become very knowledgeable of calling ‘000’ in an emergency. We hope to invite each of these organisations out to have a chat with the children.

We also had a visit from a local dentist who talked to the children about keeping our teeth healthy. They discussed ‘healthy’ foods and ‘sometimes’ foods. We followed on from this learning by encouraging the children to cut out images of food from magazines and decide whether it was a ‘healthy’ or a ‘sometimes’ food and then glue it onto the appropriate piece of paper.

It is fantastic to see the children in the Brumbies group really coming together as a community of learners. We have been working hard on role modelling, scaffolding and supporting positive social skills within the Brumbies room. This has been ongoing and will continue to be the foundation of our program. Social and emotional skills are the most important skill set for children entering their Prep year. It is great to see these skills becoming cemented within the children’s day to day experiences within our learning environment.

The children are taking on more and more responsibility within our room as they make their own beds, help serve food, collect name tags and assist the teachers with odd jobs throughout the day. We are seeing the children’s confidence blossom as they are given the opportunity to be ‘lunch time helpers’ and gain a deeper sense of belonging within our Kindergarten environment.

We would like to say a big happy birthday to the following children who recently celebrated their 4th Birthdays!

##  Lucy  ##  Kaiba  ##  Xavier  ## Raphael  ##  Mateo  ##  Chloe

Also a warm welcome to Koby and his family who joined us in August. We are enjoying getting to know you!


** Please pack appropriate spare clothes (as it is getting warmer your child will have more opportunities for water play).

** Please send your child with a named water bottle (we appreciate if you can try to take these home often to wash and refill).

** Remember to send your child outside with a hat and sunscreen in the mornings – we reapply sunscreen after morning tea before going outside again.

** Please, to the best of your ability, do not allow your child to bring toys from home to Kindergarten. Toys from home create arguments and will get lost or broken.

We appreciate your ongoing support. If you require any further information, or have any concerns please do not hesitate to talk with Rachel, Brittany, Libby or Lisa.

Here’s to another fun month of fun learning together!

Rachel, Brittany, Libby and Lisa.

July News

This month the children have been exploring and role playing ‘offices’ which was initiated by the children’s interests. The office has been child led, with the group making the decisions about what resources we should have in the office and where in the room the office should be. This learning experience has been ongoing and has provided the children with a sense of agency and ownership.

We have also been exploring the story of the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ which was again child initiated. The children made masks for the billy goats and trolls, and have been seen to be role playing this in both the indoor and outdoor environments.

There has been lots of box creations inside with the new collage trolley proving to be a big hit and a great way for children to make choices in what they would like to create. We have just recently begun to explore space, the planets and particularly space travel with the children being interested in how the space shuttle launches. To support this, we looked at a YouTube clip of the space shuttle launching and the international space station travelling around earth at night. We have begun singing ‘space’ songs and over the next couple of weeks we aim to build a space rocket with boxes – supporting children’s interest in box construction at the moment.

The children have been having fun making shapes with our bodies! This has been a great way to encourage team work, problem solving and a fun and meaningful way to explore and get to know shapes!

We have been reading a lovely story called “Everyone’s Got a Bottom” which is a great aid that teaches children about which body parts are private and discusses how children can keep themselves safe and look after their bodies. It has a great chant that all the children now know “From my head to my toes, I say what goes”. If you would like more information about this book, feel free to talk to Rachel, Brittany, Lisa or Libby.

We have had a great response with the ‘stories from home’ over the last month. Feel free to send an email or private message the Blackwood Street Child Centre Facebook page with photos and a story from home. The office will then print these out and we will share them with the group, display them on the wall and put them in your child’s portfolio.


  • Please take your child’s water bottle home regularly to wash.
  • Remember to include a spare change of clothes for your child (particularly as the days get warmer, there will soon be water play).

Some handy hints for getting your child ready for school:

  • Encourage your child to walk into Kindy carrying their own bag.
  • Give your child the responsibility to put their belongings away in the morning.
  • Encourage your child to find their own hat and to manage their own clothing (putting on their jumpers, shoes and hat).

These are just a few suggestions to encourage and promote your child to learn to take responsibility for their belongings.

Rachel, Brittany, Lisa & Libby

June News

Hi Brumbies families,

Firstly we would like to say a warm welcome to Lachlan and his family to Blackwood Street Child Centre! We can’t wait to get to know Lachlan and his family more over the coming months.

We would also like to wish a happy birthday to – Iris, Lucille and Mina, who celebrated their 4th birthdays during the month of June! We hope that you had a wonderful day with family and friends!

We have had a very busy and exciting month with lots of changes happening in the room. The new furniture layout is proving to be a positive change and has provided us with extra space for the children to play and learn. We are awaiting new items of furniture to make further improvements to the room layout.

This month, the children have been engaging in lots of role playing and imaginative play! This has prompted many rich and meaningful literacy and numeracy learning experiences, with the children opening a very popular ice cream shop! A menu was created by the children, and we have continued to revisit this learning over a couple of weeks.

The ‘Alphabet Hunt’ was enjoyed by all! We walked through ‘long wavy grass’ and squelched through ‘thick oozy mud’ to search for the letters of the alphabet in the outdoor playground. This promoted letter recognition and was a take-off from ‘The Bear Hunt’.

We have also been revisiting ‘scavenger hunts’ as these are still very popular with the children. We have been deciding on the items to find with the children and the latest hunt consisted of letters, numbers and shapes!

The children have been taking on the responsibility of being a ‘handy helper’ at lunch and afternoon tea times. It is enabling children to take responsibility and ownership of the room routines. The children work in pairs and we have noticed that the children take great pride in being handy helpers and it is a confidence building experience as the children feel a sense of importance and belonging within the room.

The new children’s profile books are being enjoyed by the children, and we often see them being read and shared amongst friends with a great sense of pride.

We would like to encourage more stories from home. Feel free to private message our Facebook page (Blackwood Street Child Centre) or email the Centre, with a photo and a story from home (this could be what you’ve done on the weekend, a holiday or a visit to family). The office will then print these out and we can display them in the room and use this to contribute to and enrich our program.


  • Please remember to send your child with a ‘named’ set of spare clothes.
  • We would appreciate it if you could also send your child with a named water bottle, and that these are taken home to be washed and refilled.

We would like to thank you all for your ongoing support and we appreciate your contributions to our program!

Rachel, Brittany, Lisa D and Libby

May News

This month in the Brumbies room we have had such a lot of fun! We harvested beans from our bean plants, and were able to taste them fresh from the garden! We are still however waiting for our carrots to grow!

We had a visit from Aunty Brenda this month, where she told us stories about Corroboree and we practiced our very own Corroboree. Aunty Brenda’s visit inspired Lucille to bring along a dreamtime story “The Rainbow Snake”. After reading this story, we decided as a group to make our very own Rainbow Snake. The children made suggestions of what materials to use – cardboard, paint, glue, and lots of colours! After working together to plan, decorate and paint the Rainbow Snake, it is now hanging proudly in the Brumbies Room. What a wonderful collaborative learning experience that was led by the children.

We have been getting into music lately – creating a stage for the children to perform on in our room. This has been enjoyed by many and we will continue to have it available for the children to use and explore further.

Our Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea was a hit, and the children provided fantastic entertainment – performing songs that we had been practicing throughout the month. Thank you to all those who came to share the afternoon with us. For those who weren’t able to come, we will be playing the video of the children’s performance on the laptop during the afternoons.

The children have been interested in writing their names, and there have been many opportunities for them to practice writing their names. There are lots of proud children who are excited to show us their success at writing their names!

We have been keeping physically active in our room during the last week of May, with the children and Rachel doing yoga together! The children are really enjoying this and it provides a great opportunity to gain a deeper sense of body and spatial awareness. Not to mention supporting active and healthy living! We have also been having fun with ‘scavenger hunts’! The children choose the items they would like to find in the outdoor environment and together we write a list with numbers, words and pictures. The children then work as a team to find all the items on the list and tick them off! Even ‘superhero’ has been put on the list to be found! This is a fantastic opportunity for children to engage in literacy and numeracy learning through a fun and interactive medium.

A very big thank you to the families who have donated resources over the month. The children are enjoying building, creating and constructing with the pine cones, bunya nuts, fabric and recycled items!!

Happy Birthday to the following children who celebrated their 4th birthdays during May!

  • Marlae
  • Phinnaeus
  • Pia

We hope you had a lovely birthday with family and friends!

Rachel, Brittany, Lisa and Libby.

April News

It’s all happening in the Brumbies room this month with the children showing a great interest in caterpillars and other insects. The children have been searching and collecting caterpillars in the outdoor environment, so to support and extend on this interest we thought we could try to keep one inside to watch and observe the journey of the caterpillar to butterfly. To prepare for housing a caterpillar inside our room, we first researched what we needed to care for them. Using the Ipad, the children and Rachel searched the internet to find information on caring for caterpillars.

To support this learning further, we are fortunate to have the opportunity of borrowed artefacts from the museum. The children have really enjoyed looking at these artefacts, with one showing the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly and all the stages within this process. We will receive new museum artefacts every 2 weeks or so, and we are sharing them with the Kookaburras.

We have been very hands on this month, with the children exploring the inside of an old computer modem. The children really enjoyed the process of predicting what they may find, exploring what was inside and evaluating what they actually found.

The children have been learning a new song called ‘Taba Naba’ which originates from the Torres Strait Islands. We are using the Ipad and YouTube to watch videos of children performing it and have been learning the actions.

Over the next month we will continue to explore caterpillars and insects, revisit the computer for those children who may not have had the chance to explore this. We will also pick up our exploration of shapes and have a ‘letter hunt’ in the outdoor environment to promote literacy learning in a way that is fun and meaningful.

A big thank you to those families who came to help at the Working Bee – the room and outdoor environment is looking fantastic! We really appreciate all your hard work!

A big Happy Birthday to Zack and Addison who turned 4 this month! We hope you had a lovely day and thank you for sharing your cake with us here at Kindy.


  • We now take the children’s water bottles with us to the playground. The basket lives in the locker beside the shoe box. Please remember to bring a named water bottle for your child.

Rachel, Brittany, Libby & Lisa

March News

This month has seen the children building new friendships and exploring new learning experiences. With the warm weather lately we have had lots of water play outside – including a sprinkler! This has turned into lots of mud play which has been great to see the children engaging in sensory play in a natural environment. The vegetable garden is coming along, with the children continuing to care for and water the plants. We now have beans, carrots, beetroot and an herb garden. The new ‘art studio’ outside has been a big hit and the children are enjoying having free access to art supplies to explore and express their creativity – this will continue to develop over time. There has been lots of construction with the blocks and cardboard boxes! We have seen some wonderful creations – a zoo, pirate ship and space ship to name a few.


The children have particularly enjoyed looking at the caterpillars that can be found out in the playground. We will explore this further in the coming month.


The Brumbies room itself has had a few changes made to it in order to provide a more welcoming and inviting play spaces that are flexible for children’s learning and interests. This will continue to evolve over time – if you have any suggestions we’d love to hear them!


We would like to say a warm welcome to Zach and his family who have begun earlier this month! We look forward to getting to know you further in the coming months.



  • Please remember to bring a named water bottle each day for your child.
  • A spare change of clothes for your child would be much appreciated as we often have water/messy play.
  • If you have any resources to donate (old pots, pans, PVC piping, old utensils) we would really appreciate it to use here for the sandpit and a musical project!

February News

Thu 19 Feb 2015, 9:15 AM

This month we have made a beautiful Family Tree as part of the exploration of our identity and family heritage. The children are very proud of the family tree and are often seen to be showing their peers the pictures of their family members.


We hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day ‘surprise’ that the children have made! We will be doing some more threading and baking over the coming weeks.


We have also begun to explore shapes, both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional. The children decorated a circle and have begun to make a ‘sphere’ out of paper mache. To support their learning we have had a ‘shape hunt’ to find all the circles and sphere’s we could in the playground. Lots of photos were taken and we aim to make a big book of shapes! Next we will begin to explore squares!


We also had a ‘snake show’ where we learnt how to keep ourselves safe if we see snakes and spiders. The show was interactive and enabled children to be hands on with a carpet python and blue tongue lizard.


A big thank you to those who have been donating resources! (Newspaper, boxes and cartons etc). We really appreciate your support!


Rachel, Bella & Lisa