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Busy Bees News

December 2017

Hello Busy Bees families and friends!

What a fantastic learning journey we have had this year! We have explored many interests, ideas and special occasions. Our Busy Bees have excelled in their self-help skills from making their own beds to toileting. Over the past two months we have been transitioning the children, spending time in the Brumbies yard much to the delight of the Busy Bees.

We as the Busy Bees educators couldn’t be prouder of all the children through their learning journey`s with us. Each and every Busy Bee has had a unique journey that contributes to the wonderful little people they are today. We take away cherished memories and thank you for sharing in this journey as a community.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, stay safe and have fun!!!

Kerry, Renee & Rhiannon

September 2017

Hello Busy Bees families and friends!

We have had another busy month full of experiences where we celebrated Fathers Day with a breakfast – what a great turn out. For Talk Like a Pirate Day, Rob the Pirate came and did a show which the children really enjoyed. We have explored sea creatures, fishing and we have made our very own underwater collages. We have started water play with the sprinkler and troughs of water to cool us off with the weather heating up.

We are continuing with our literacy/name recognition and the Busy Bees are great at recognising their own names and some of their peers as well.

We have continued with our gardening projects and have planted mint and thankfully the possums have stayed away from it! The Busy Bees water their plants daily so they are developing the skills to become responsible for caring for their environment.

Next month we are exploring STEM experiences (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

Please remember to bring a hat, water bottle, spare weather appropriate clothing (2 sets) and a fitted bottom sheet and top sheet/light blanket.

We look forward to continuing our learning journey with you!

Kerry, Renee & Rhiannon

August 2017

Hello Busy Bees families and friends!

We started off this month with National Tree Day and our community barbeque held in Joeys hosted by the Kookaburras. We had a great turnout of families who came and planted some beautiful flowers with their children. These can be found hanging on the outside of our sandpit. The children water their plants daily and get to see them flourish.

Book Week was a great success where many of our Busy Bees brought in books to share with their peers. In total we had over 25 books throughout the week. We saw some great dress-ups too.

We are continuing our small world experiences evolving around the children’s current interests. We have explored diggers, dolls, The Gruffalo, fairies, cars and trains – just to mention a few.

With Spring just around the corner and the weather warming up we will be exploring water experiences!

A few reminders:

• Please ensure your child has a named hat (we are seeing more and more children arriving without hats)
• A water bottle (to be taken home daily to be cleaned)
• Spare weather appropriate clothing

We look forward to continuing our learning journey together!

Kerry, Renee & Rhiannon

July 2017

Hello Busy Bees families and friends!

Wow can you believe July is nearly over, it has flown by with many experiences to capture the children`s current interests. Pirates continued through the first few weeks before setting sail to other shores. Then came the fairies – our fairy garden is slowly coming together being created by our very own Busy Bees from sparkly pebbles to ponds and stick furniture. Our pink sparkly fairy dough (made by the children) is a great sensory experience, it is smooth and smells delicious (forest fruits). On our wall our fairy cupcake collage is proudly displayed. The children discuss their creations with their peers and educators.

We have welcomed new Busy Bees who have transitioned from the Wombats and said goodbye to some of our friends who went to Brumbies. We continue our group experiences daily with our good morning song, watching the children`s confidence grow is great to see. We have also been singing our days of the week song and sandy girl which is still our favourite group song. Name recognition has been another focus this month with name cards for transitioning from group times to the table for meal times. We are extending our self-help skills with the children scraping their own plates/bowls at meal times and making their own beds (including collecting their sheets and packing them away).

We had National Pyjama day on Friday, 21st July where we snuggled up and watched Moana, a great cultural movie. We look forward to continuing our learning journey together!

A few reminders, please ensure all of your child`s belongings are clearly named!

• With the cooler weather, can you ensure your child has adequate warm spare clothing.
• A fitted bottom sheet and top sheet or blanket (this makes it easier for the children to make their own beds).
• A water bottle (please remember to take it home daily to be washed)
• A hat

Kerry, Renee & Rhiannon

June 2017

Hello Busy Bees families and friends!

Wow we are nearly half way through the year and what a fun learning journey we have experienced together so far. This month we expanded our colour recognition with different shades and the Busy Bees loved our peg sorting box. Pirates have been another child interest of focus this month! We have been on many treasure hunts and found all sorts of amazing treasures as well as having made our own treasure map; dressed up as pirates and even made telescopes.

Bugs have been an interesting topic to explore. We have found many different types of bugs hiding outside in the hedges and they even made it inside onto our table (where they currently reside). We were very fortunate to learn more about the Indian culture from Ritu (our cultural support educator) with the children exploring Sari`s and different dress-ups. Some of the Busy Bees even chose their own Henna creations.

We look forward to continuing our learning journey together!

Kerry, Rhiannon & Renee

May 2017

Over the past couple of months we have focused some of our experiences around colours and shapes. The Busy Bees have enjoyed many experiences from colour play dough to collage and making shapes from natural materials such as sticks, pebbles and shells! Our Sensory Corner has been quite the highlight with different textures and materials to explore and our sensory sand has been very popular with the children.

Our room pet “Green Sheep” has been on many adventures to the homes of some of our Busy Bees – the children really enjoy hearing what he has been up to.

In April we supported “Go Blue for Autism” day – the children came dressed in blue and donated a gold coin. We also had a lot of fun exploring blue balloons, and blue playdough, some of us even had blue hair. Busy Bees also hosted the community BBQ in April – it was a great turn out.

May started with our Mother’s Day afternoon tea with lots of yummy food, great company and many excited little faces.

We welcome Renee into our Busy Bees room as another fulltime lead educator. We look forward to nurturing our Busy Bees and continuing our learning journey.

Kerry, Rhiannon & Renee

February 2017

We would like to welcome you to the Busy Bees room!

To start the year our focus has been getting to know the children and helping them feel safe, secure and supported within their new environment. Gradually we have been extending our Busy Bees self-help skills, encouraging them to be responsible for their belongings such as hats, water bottles, bags and sheets.

Water play has been popular with the Busy Bees with the hotter weather upon us – it’s a great way of cooling down. As many of our Busy Bees are learning their colours we have been focusing on a colour each week, and incorporating that colour into our weekly programme.

In January we celebrated Australia Day with some fun outdoor activities – throwing bean bags through hoops and painting inside. For our Chinese New Year celebration’s we joined the rest of the Centre in a Lantern parade. It was wonderful to see all the children, parents/careers and staff come together to celebrate. We look forward to a busy year ahead as we continue our learning journey together.

Kerry & Rhiannon

September / October News

bees-pic-croppedWow what a busy two months the Busy Bees children have been having. We have still been focusing on our Café which the children spend lots of time exploring. The Busy Bees children have also been focusing on their self-help skills as they clear away their own plates after lunch and serve their own food. This has been great to see how confident the children have become as they take ownership over these roles in our routine.

Inside we have still been concentrating on learning our names and letters of the alphabet by using different resources such as magnetic letters and flash cards. We will place out the children’s names with pencils next, this way the children can explore writing their names.

It was so exciting as the Busy Bees children went on their first excursion the other Friday to the Café. This went really well, unfortunately not everyone was able to attend the excursion as it was on a Friday. I had to choose a day and book in with the Café and fit in with their tables and numbers, so I do apologies that not every Busy Bee could come. I’m sure there will be many more excursions next year for the children to experience. It was a great experience and the children were great following all directions. In the week before the excursion we focused on a lot of road safety with all of the children. The children were very knowledgeable and knew to hold hands and to stop and look before crossing the road.

Angela, Lisa & Leonie
The Busy Bees Team

August News

The Busy Bees children had a very productive month, with the focus still being very much around the cafe and shops. This is a great way for the children to explore their social skills, language and mathematics with the introduction of money. It has been lovely watching the role play grow from the children’s ideas. I have been working on the excursion and we are looking at the end of October for a date. I will keep everyone posted through Story Park.

Outside recently we have observed a lot of rough play from the children. This has included wrestling, pushing and bad guys using guns. In the Busy Bees room we are very big on using our gentle hands and definitely no gun play. We have been focusing on redirecting this play to gentle hands and the children can help save each other, but we do not use the guns. We just wanted to let everyone know so we can all focus on our gentle play when we come to Blackwood Street.

Angela & Lisa
The Busy Bees Team

July News

Busy Bees CropIt has been a very busy month in the Busy Bees room with the children exploring lots of interests. Our main focus at the moment has been the Café which has become very popular. We have followed the children’s ideas and incorporated them into the program and it all started from straws with their milk. The children’s ideas have expanded and so has the café from the children’s input and parents input on Story Park.

As the children share their ideas we have been able to source more Café materials for them to explore and add them to this experience. The children now have a milkshake maker to role play with, take away coffee cups, ice cream scoop, a cash register and plates etc. It has been amazing watching this project unveil itself as the children keep role playing and exploring different roles in the café eg; from coffee maker to milkshake maker, shop assistant manning the cash register to customer sitting down and having a milkshake.

There are so many different areas of learning which we are covering while exploring this experience. There is social skills, language, problem solving, maths, imagination, negotiation and role play. I have spoken to a café on Blackwood Street who have said they would love to have us for our excursion, so step one is done, now the planning can begin.

Scissor control has been another focus in the Busy Bees room, with the children challenging themselves to cut along lines. This has been going very well and it has been wonderful to see the children demonstrating persistence when faced with this new challenge. We will continue practising our scissor control so the children can master their strengths.

With Story Park fully up and going now we hope that everyone is enjoying all of the stories that are available. We thank you for all of your feedback, it is great to see your input on the stories.

Angela & Lisa
The Busy Bees Team

June News

Busy bee picRecently in the Busy Bees room we have been talking about our emotions and how they make us feel. To help the children gain a better understanding of their emotions, Angela has introduced some emotion balls. These are different coloured balls which have different faces on them. We have been focusing on learning these in our group times.

Angela will hold up a ball with a face on it and ask the Busy Bees children what kind of face it is. Then we talk about different things that make us happy, sad or angry. This is a great way for children to learn how to control their emotions as we also discuss what we can do if we are feeling angry, sad or scared.

Inside the children have been exploring magnets with different magnetic items. This has been great as the children problem solve how they stick and how you can move objects along the table.

At afternoon tea the children have also been practicing how to serve their own afternoon tea using tongs. This is also going really well and helping the children to develop their self help skills and independence.

Angela & Lisa
The Busy Bees Team

May News

busy bee pic smlThe children have been very focused on Doctors over the past few weeks. To extend on this interest we have had out the Doctor role play. It has been great watching the children engage with each other in this shared group experience. There has been lots of discussions about what the different doctor tools do and how they help our bodies to heal.

Inside the children have also been interested in exploring the magnets. We have been using the magnetic shapes and the magnetic wands with nails to explore cause and effect. This has prompted lots of problem solving from the children as they experiment with the positive and negative of the magnetic field and different items which have the correct properties to stick to the magnets. Because of the focus on this we will be expanding our exploration by doing some different science experiments using magnets.

Outside the Busy Bees children are having an hour of play just in their own group. This means that the children can have some play without the younger children, which opens up more opportunities for them. By having this time the children can explore more complex climbing and more challenging experiences. We have been trialling this for a couple of weeks and it is working really well. The children have been challenging themselves by climbing up the fireman pole to ring some bells at the top. Some of the children need guidance with this exploration and others are very confident with their climbing abilities. We will keep focusing on this so each individual child can strengthen at their own pace.

Angela & Lisa
The Busy Bees Team

April News

Busy Bees PicThis month in the Busy Bees room we welcomed Charlie and Ujjayee who are settling well into the environment, building strong connections with their peers and educators!

The children and educators supported Autism Awareness Day by wearing blue and doing some craft activities with blue paint.

We have been focusing on letter recognition as the children have become very engrossed with learning their names and starting to recognise the letters of the alphabet. It has been great to see parents/carers being involved in the process by helping their children find their names in the morning. This gives the Busy Bees children ownership over where they put their bag and belongings, and helps them take responsibility for their belongings by placing them back into their own bags.

This month we celebrated Erik and Charlie turning 3 – Happy Birthday! Also congratulations to Curtis and his family who welcomed a healthy girl Natalie.

Please remember that your child`s journal is available for you to take home and we would love to hear about what happens at home, so feel free to add a story to your child`s folder if possible.

The Busy Bees Team

March News

busy bee picMarch in the Busy Bees room has been busy as we have said goodbye to some children who moved up to Brumbies and welcomed some children moving into our room from Wombats as well as welcoming new faces to the Centre. Everyone seems to have settled in nicely to their new environment and are building strong connections with their peers and educators.

Part of the Busy Bees Philosophy is to offer a home like environment. After Lisa joined our Busy Bees room we chose to give the room a new look and create some small spaces for the children to have their own time if needed. This means we now have a quiet book corner where the children can go relax or lie down on cushions if they need some down time. We have created a smaller home corner for the children to explore their social skills with each other and role play real life experiences.

The way we have set up the tables are so the children can have a choice of self-selection of the activities on the shelves. We are guiding the children to be responsible for their choices and if they are finished with one activity to pack it away before another one is chosen.

Because we believe in offering a home like environment, there will not always be art work up all over the walls. Through my years’ of experience I have learnt an environment which is too busy with too many bright colours around can be over-stimulating for the children. This is why I follow a natural home like environment style inside. When we display children’s art work I believe it should be displayed with respect and framed in a way children would see art depicted either at home or at a gallery. This helps children to have pride of their art work seeing it displayed in such a manner.

Please remember that your children’s journal is available for you to take home and we would love to hear about what happens at home, so feel free to add a story to your child’s folder if possible.

During March we were very focused on settling new children into the environment, helping guide them into secure attachments with educators and peers. During April we will follow the children’s interest and see where they will take us. A child’s mind is ever expanding and full of growth and ideas.

Thank you

Angela & Lisa
The Busy Bees Team

February News

Busy bee picOver the past month the children have become very engrossed with learning their names and starting to recognise the letters of the alphabet. It has been wonderful to see the parents being involved in this process by helping their children find their names in the morning. This not only helps the children to begin to recognise their names but it gives them ownership over where they put their bag and belongings. It helps the Busy Bees children to take responsibility for their belongings by placing them back into their own bags.

Inside we have been practicing our cutting abilities using scissors, first off we starting with play dough. Then we moved onto a more complex task to use the scissors on magazines and tried to cut out pictures. The children have been going well with this experience but still need some guidance on how to manipulate and hold the scissors.

Self-help skills are one of our goals for this year and we have started that by guiding the children in how to make their own beds and rub on their own sunscreen. Some of the children are very good at making their own beds and when they have finished it has been lovely to see them helping their peers to make their beds. The children are becoming more confident as they apply their sunscreen too. Angela and Lisa are always there to help when the children miss spots.

With the recent transition of some of the children from Wombats to the Busy Bees room we will be helping them feel safe and secure in their new environment over the next month and doing some name games so the children can become familiar with each other’s names.


The Busy Bee Team

January News

We would like to welcome everyone to the Busy Bees room. This month we have been concentrating on settling the children into their new environment. It has been a great start to the year so far with some new faces who have joined our group. We would like to thank everyone who has filled in their goal forms for the year for their child. We have read these and have found that one of the goals that you would like us to concentrate on the most is letter and name recognition.

We have taken this on board and have started to implement it into our program daily. We wanted everyone to be involved in this development of learning so outside there is now a board with your child’s name on it. In the morning at drop off you as parents can guide your child in the name recognition process by assisting them to choose their name and then place it above their bags. This will help your children begin to have an early understanding of literacy as well as ownership and responsibility for their belongings.

Please remember to name all of your child’s possessions as we have had some items misplaced already, this will ensure that your items will return if accidentally placed in the wrong bag. This year a main focus will be for the children to be responsible for placing their belongings away in their own bags. This is an important part of learning self-help skills as well as responsibility as we mentioned before.

In February we will continue with learning our letters and names, we are also developing our listening and direction skills by performing more complex group times. These group times will involve circle games, action songs as well as learning literacy and numeracy. We look forward to the following months with everyone. If you have any input to the program please feel free to write a note in the notes section on the notice board above where your child’s bags are kept.

Thank you

Angela & Robyn

December News

busy bees picWe would like to start this month’s newsletter by thanking all the families who have participated in putting together a package for our soldiers who are overseas. Leading up to Christmas it will be very nice for them to be receiving packages and letters of support.

December has been a very busy month for the Busy Bees group as we are preparing for Christmas and we have been doing some transitional playtimes in the Kookaburra’s yard. This is just so the children have a chance to build a familiarity with the environment that they will be playing in next year. They have all been enjoying our visits over to the big yard and hopefully speak of their excitement when they are at home as well. If there is anything else that we can do to help with the transition period please don’t hesitate to speak with us.

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all again in the new year.

Jess & Robyn

November News

bees pictureHi Parents and Families,

It has been another great month in the Busy Bees room, as we have been focussing on our gardening project, name and letter recognition and colour recognition.

For our gardening project we have been focussing on watering and weeding, feeding and managing our worm farm and discovering healthy eating and tasting different plants from the garden.

Our name and letter recognition is going well and we are making some progress each week. We have been using name recognition cards for meal times and transitioning periods, and have several letter recognition experiences available in our weekly program, such as letter threading, Gel letters on the light cubes and our magnetic letter fishing set. We are also making progress with our colour recognition. As the majority of children are recognising basic colours, we may start to look at colour mixing soon. If any parent would like to start to incorporate experiences for name, letter and colour recognition at home please feel free to speak to myself or Robyn.

As the weather has been warming up we have been hearing stories of neighbours finding snakes in their backyards. We have put a snake drill into place and are educating the children on moving directly away from a snake if they see one and notifying their teachers so that we can blow our whistle and move the children into the closest room until further action can be taken to ensure our yard is safe again.

We would like to remind all parents that now the weather is beginning to warm up could you please make sure that the children are arriving at kindy with short sleeve shirts, shorts/skirts, drink bottles and hats and some spare clothes as we will start to do some water play experiences. It would also be appreciated if you could all remember to put sunscreen on your children as you drop them off of a morning.

Jess and Robyn

October News

Robyn and I would just like to start by thanking our parents for doing a wonderful job with our new sign in system, as there have been only minimal occasion’s where we have had to sign children in or out since the program has been implemented.
It has been a very constructive month for the Busy Bees as we have continued with our sensory play. We have been using coloured Tapioca Gems which the children enjoyed trying to squash and mix around. We also had sea shells and sand with sea creatures during outdoor play times, and are looking forward to making some edible dirt.
The children have also been encouraged to help Robyn and the other carers look after the garden and the worm farms. The majority of children have been happy and excited to engage in these experiences as they are given the opportunity to water the gardens, eat the beans and other produce from the garden and feed and water the worm farm. This has been and will be an ongoing project for the children and staff. We would also like to involve parents and families so if there are any plants or gardening things you would like to donate please feel free to do so.

We would like to remind all the parents and carers that we have a new communication board, above our outside bag area, for messages regarding soiled clothing and sheets etc. There is also a communication book on our lockers where the old sign in folder used to be for any messages from parents and carers to write down.

Jess & Robyn

Busy Bees PicSeptember News

Dear Parents and Families,

It has been another great month for the Busy Bees crew. I would like to start by welcoming our new little friend Talon. He has joined us on Mondays and Tuesdays. He has settled in beautifully and is continuously bringing smiles to all our faces.

We have been re-arranging our room and have created a quiet area with books and the light cube and a sensory area which the children have been making the most of. To extend on the sensory area we have been enjoying some sensory craft experiences which you may notice getting displayed in the room.

You may also have noticed that our gardens are finally up and running. Robyn has been doing a wonderful job of incorporating gardening into our weekly program and the children are really enjoying all the experiences that she is getting them involved in. If any of you have any plants that we could grow or gardening tips that you would like to share with us please feel free to speak to Robyn, myself or any of the staff in the yard.

The Busy Bees have had some travellers this month – we have had one friend enjoy a trip to Fiji, another friend visited family in New Zealand and another friend is visiting their family in Germany. As we have a bit of travelling happening in our room at the moment we are going to get a world map to put on the wall, this will show where the children are travelling and we will put any photos that are brought in around it.


** We would like to remind all parents to try to label all their children’s clothing and belongings. Both Robyn, myself and all other staff at the Centre do try to make sure shoes, jumpers and toys etc go straight to children’s bag but it can be a difficult task when we have 16 children in our room each day, so labelling clothing and belongings is a huge help.

** We would also like to thank all parents who have brought in a sheet set for their children. This is a new policy which was brought in recently. We ask that all children bring their own sheets on their first day of the week and then collect them on their last day so that they can be taken home to get washed. Please make sure that your sheets are clearly named so that we know which sheets belong to each child.

We would also like to let all parents and families know that we will be putting a care package together to send to one of the fathers in the Busy Bees room who is overseas with the army, so if anyone could donate any items for this package it would be greatly appreciated.

Jess & Robyn

July News

Dear Parents and Families

It has been another wonderful month in the Busy Bees room as we have continued to work on name recognition and tracing our name during quiet activity time. The children have been very proud of themselves and enjoy showing us their name once they have finished. This has also lead on to children tracing lines on paper just to get them used to the concept of following the lines on paper instead of colouring in the page. The children have also been enjoying the sensory table with our animals and wooden blocks set up in the rice trough, this experience is also there to help them with their colour recognition.

The Busy Bees crew would like to send big 3rd birthday wishes to:

Ben – 7th July

Manaia – 12th July

Krish – 15th July

Poppy H. – 31st July


We would also like to thank all the parents who have brought in a sheet set for their children. This is a new policy which has been brought in this month. We ask that all children bring their own sheets on their first day of the week and then collect them on their last day so that they can be taken home for washing. Please make sure that your sheets are clearly named so that we know which sheets belong to each child.

You may have noticed we have a new addition to our room – a gold fish named Chips and a sucker fish who enjoys hiding and his name is George. The tank was a project which was set up while I was one of the educators in the Kookaburras room and it will now spend the rest of the year with us in the Busy Bees room.



We would like to remind all parents to label all their childrens clothing and belongings. Both Robyn, myself and all other staff at the Centre do try to make sure shoes, jumpers and toys etc go straight into your childs bag but it can be a difficult task when we have 16 children in our room each day so labelling clothing and belonging is a huge help.

Jess & Robyn

June News

It has been a wonderful month for the Busy Bees group and I would like to start by sending out a big ‘thank you’ to all the parents and children for making me feel so welcome to the room. It has been a wonderful transition and I have enjoyed every moment. If you have not yet had a chance to chat with me about any concerns or ideas for the room you may have, please feel free to do so.

Robyn and I are beginning to make a multicultural window with all the flags that acknowledge the family history of the children in our room. Could you please bring in any family photos that you may have so we can put them with the flags on the window. Please also continue to bring in any recipes that may be a family favourite so we can enjoy baking with the children.

All the children have had a lot of enjoyment through role play and dramatic play as they have made the most of the different home corner set ups and experiences, dress ups and the doctors set.

We have also begun to work on name recognition. We have been placing the children’s names at the tables for meal times and also encouraging the children to trace their names during activity time.

Birthday Wishes for June: Leilah – 3rd;  Ava – 12th;  Isla – 26th;  Dorian – 27th.

Jess & Robyn

May News


POPPY C   1/5


What a great month. The Busy Bees have been continuing their colours and numbers. All the children have enjoyed the interactions with their educators. We have also begun to practise their names, using their cognitive skills and fine gross motor skills as they hold their pencil.


  • Please check lost property as it is full. These clothes will be put into the spare clothes if NOT collected.
  • Please name all clothes and shoes.
  • Please apply sunscreen on your children when entering the yard.
  • Please fill in a “Story from Home”.

Next month cooking will be a topic of interest, so therfore, if you have any easy recipes please speak with Jess or Robyn to collect a cooking recipe form.

Kind regards

Jeannie, Robyn & Jess


Hi to all parents and Busy Bees children,

I would like to introduce myself – my name is Jess White and I will be replacing Jeannie as Lead Educator in the Busy Bees room. I am looking forward to working with all the children and supporting and getting to know all the parents. I have many exciting activities planned and am looking forward to a wonderful year.

April News

Busy Bees have had so much fun in this month’s program. Counting and colours have still been a high topic with the children. Going through their colours and numbers has been great for the children. Learning shapes and colors may well be a young child’s first educational endeavour. Although recognizing objects as red or blue, round or square might seem like child’s play, it’s actually integral to a young child’s cognitive development, and sets the stage for math concepts from sorting and patterning to geometry, and beyond!

Sensory has been a big hit also with the children this month. Sensory Play or Messy Play is play that allows children to be fully engaged with their senses. Children use their five senses to discover and explore when involved with sensory play. Their sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. By providing opportunities for sensory play children have the opportunity to not only develop their senses but they also develop holistically. Children will develop their cognitive, physical, creative, literacy and numeracy, oral language and creativity skills. Sensory play is fun, messy and creative!  In the Busy Bees we have enjoyed clay, spaghetti painting, play dough, goop and shaving foam play.



HUGO 8/4


ABAYO 20/4

PAIGE 30/4

Please can all parents be reminded to name your child’s clothes and drink bottles. We are finding lots of clothes and drinks bottles unnamed. Please take one of our “Stories from Home” as this is part of our program so the children can talk about their families and hobbies.

Jeannie & Robyn

March News

Busy Bees have had a great month. The children have been focusing on their colours, mixing different activities to keep the children focused. The children have shown fantastic interest with their colours.  Happy Feet was a great success, each child enjoyed the interaction and music. Therefore we will try and get them back again this year. We have got a great month ahead. We will be concentrating still on our colours, but also giving the children the opportunity using their sensory skills with lots of fun and brilliant creations.



Theodore Clemence

Malia Lapido

Sophia McFerran

Congratulations on your big achievement.



  • Can all parents please apply sunscreen and mosquito spray on your children in the playground before leaving, as sometimes the playground gets too busy and the educators are unable to apply them both on your child.


  • Can parents please make sure that your children clothing and drink bottles are named properly, we are finding we have a lot of spare clothes in the lost property box in the classroom.


  • Please use our classroom communication book for messages in case you don’t get to see Jeannie or Robyn in the morning or afternoon.

nniJeannie & Robyn

February News

Thu 19 Feb 2015, 9:15 AM


You turned 3 this month

Holly 3rd 

Lucas (aka LuKee) 13th

Happy Birthday from all of us in the Busy Bees Room

Jeannie and Robyn would like to welcome our newest children and their families into our fabulous Busy Bees room. We promise to support all of our Busy Bees children and their families in every possible way.


In our room this month we have been concentrating on the children’s Social, Emotional and Wellbeing. Having lots of new children in our classroom this month we have been focusing on the children getting to know each other as well as the educators, by doing this the children have been comfortable by showing great social and communication skills.


What we have been enjoying over the past few weeks in our indoor and outdoor environment:

Social, Emotional and Communication

Talking about colours

Home corner

Stories from Home – What we have been doing over the weekends


Hand Painting

Play Dough

Magic Sand

Water Play



Parents Things to remember …….

Spare clothes

Name ALL clothes/Shoes and sleep items (dummies, teddies and blankets)

Please don’t forget the communications book in the entrance of our classroom, if there is anything you’d like us to know for that day.


If your child’s name has been highlighted in the sign in sheet this means your child has soiled clothes in the bathroom, please take them home.


If there any questions regarding your child please do not hesitate to see Jeannie and Robyn, we are more than happy to help you…….

Jeannie & Robyn