• 117 Blackwood Street, Mitchelton, QLD 4053
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  • info@blackwoodstreetchildcentre.com.au
frequently-asked-questions: FAQs

What ages do we cater for?

  • From 6 weeks to pre school age.

Who owns the Centre?

  • The Centre is a community based not-for-profit organisation that is owned by the community and governed by an elected Board of Directors that are all parents of children at the centre

What are the Centres opening hours?

  • The Centre is open Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm. We are closed for all QLD public holidays and for at least one week over Christmas & New Year.

What is long day care?

  • Long day care is often called a child care centre or simply daycare, but it is centre-based child care provided by professional staff where babies and children up to school-starting age can be cared for while their parents work, study or have time for their other commitments

Does the centre provide meals?

  • Nutritionally planned lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea is provided daily by our fully qualified Chef.

Does the centre provide nappies?

  • No, you will need to provide nappies for your child.

What are the fees?

  • Fees are set each year by our Parent Board and are currently $101 per day as at 2 January 2018J.Any government subsidies such as CCR and CCB reduce this can reduce this figure.

What happens if my child is absent for the day?

  • If you are absent for the day we still need to cover operating costs and therefore you are charged for the day. The Australian Government Assistance, Child Care Benefit is payable for 42 absent days a financial year.

What happens if we go on holiday or take a day off?

  • Fees are not charged when the Centre is closed over Christmas/ New year. Payment of fees must be continued during a child’s absence through illness, holidays or any other reason.

What government assistance is available?

  • Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate can be paid on behalf of the family directly to our Centre so that we can reduce the fees that you pay. Your family’s eligibility for Child Care Benefit/Rebate will be assessed by the Family Assistance Office and will be based on your income. Families can get up to 24 hours of Child Care Benefit per child per week regardless of the reason for child care. Families can get up to 50 hours of Child Care Benefit per child per week when both parents and/or the sole parent undertake any of the following for at least 15 hours per week: Working, undertaking voluntary work, seeking work and studying or training.

What educational program is provided?

  • Early learning areas are used to develop a balanced, integrated curriculum for young children. They also promote continuity and links with children’s learning and the early years learning framework. The learning areas include: Social and emotional competence, Health and physical wellbeing, particularly in making healthy choices and gross and fine motor development, Language development and communication, focusing on oral language and early literacy abd Early mathematical understandings, with emphasis on early numeracy.

What support is available for children with additional needs?

  • The Centre provides a range of support depending on the individual child’s needs.Please discuss these with the Operations Manager at the Centre.

How do we enrol?

How many children attend the Centre?

  • The centre is licensed for a maximum of 90 children.