• 117 Blackwood Street, Mitchelton, QLD 4053
  • 07 3354 1244
  • info@blackwoodstreetchildcentre.com.au
History of Blackwood Street Child Centre

Housewives Association formed at the end of World War 2
1949 Mitchelton Child Care Centre opened in Kedron Ave leased site
1960 Preschool/Kindergarten opened next to Child Care Centre
1960 Name change to Mitchelton Kindergarten & Child Care Centre
1966 Rebuilt Child Care Centre opened on Kedron Ave
1970 New Full Day Care Building Opened on Kedron Ave
1970 Name changed to Mitchelton Preschool Association
1970 Kedron Ave site had space for 105 children/babies
1974 Land purchased at 117 Blackwood Street and approvals granted for construction
1976 31 January 1976 Day Care Centre opens in Blackwood Street
1976 Name changed to Mitchelton Community Preschool Association
1976 Kedron Ave site becomes kindergarten only with 150 children
1976 Purchased 64 McConaghy Street for neighbourhood centre
1977 Building alterations to McConaghy Street
1978 Blackwood Street granted affiliation with C & K
1978 Association granted with Letters Patent establishing a body corporate
1978 The neighbourhood centre (also named the Prior Centre after Bert & Beth Prior) was opened 22 April
1982 Adventure playground developed in McConaghy Street site
1984 Fort Moff constructed in McConaghy Street site in memory of Kevin Moffat
1988 Neighbourhood centre changed to long day care.
1991 Change in names for the Day Care and Neighbourhood Centre to Blackwood Street Child Centre and McConaghy Street Child Centre
1992 Lease and buildings for Kedron Ave handed over to new association called Mitchelton Community Kindergarten Association
1994 Blackwood Street roof replaced
2015 Wifi introduced throughout the Centre, all rooms and office spaces online. Online check in and out introduced for children, online rostering added.
2016 Renovations of the Wombats and Kookaburras Rooms
2017 Renovation of the commercial kitchen