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Joeys News

December 2017

Well hasn’t the year just flown by!! What a wonderful year we have had so many amazing experience and it has been fantastic to get to know each and every child and family. Over the last month we have been doing a lot of secret experiences working on the amazing Christmas presents. We have also been doing some Christmas craft which we will continue to do this month.

We have also been making changes to our outdoor environment. You would have noticed that we now have grass in the corner. To the green fence we will be adding some natural materials for the children to explore. We also intend to use the bottle caps that we have collected to create a masterpiece.

Any interest of children that we discover or anything that your child is showing an interest in at home please let us know and we will extend on this for them.

Again, thank you for a wonderful year!! Merry Christmas to all families and best of luck for the new year.

Any questions or concerns please feel free to chat to any one of us.

Danni, Tracey & Catriona

September 2017

Another month gone and another month closer to Christmas. The past month we have been busy creating our Christmas surprises. We also enjoyed learning about basic shapes. Alex took an interest in this and we investigated with many different experiences, some included painting, shape finders course created with chalk drawings on the ground from the creative Tracey.

The Joeys have been naturally curious by the cause and effect experience that have been created in our playground. They are intrigued by cause-and-effect phenomena and delight in being surprised. We have created experiences on our windows outdoors that the children are really engaged in. We will be continue with this next month.

A few reminders:
As the weather is and will start to become warmer. It is a requirement of being a sun safety centre that sunscreen is provided 20 minutes before exposure to the sun. With this in mind if you could please put sunscreen on your child. At our communication area we have a sunscreen register that you can write your child’s name and the time you have applied the sunscreen. Sunscreen will also be provided for you. As always please be mindful that the appropriate clothing is worn which means sleeves on clothing and a broad brim hat provided.

Any interest of children that we discover or anything that your child is showing an interest in at home please let us know and we will extend on this for them.

Any questions or concerns please feel free to chat to any one of us.

Danni, Tracey & Catriona

August 2017

The year is certainly flying by! The children are now all beginning to resettle and showing an understanding of the room routine.

August has been busy celebrating Ekka week as well as Book Week. Ekka week was a great success with the children exploring many different experiences. One experience that the children enjoyed was fire working painting. Before creating our masterpiece, the children watched a firework display on the iPad and then interpreted their own fireworks onto the paper.

Our project we have worked on in the room has been successful and will continue into the next month. The children have enjoyed the experiences such as feeding the dog and we will also be feeding a cat.

Any interest of children that we discover or anything that your child is showing an interest in at home please let us know and we will extend on this for them.

Any questions or concerns please feel free to chat to any one of us.

Danni, Tracey & Catriona

July 2017

Wow another month has passed and so many changes! Liam, Brandon, Ayva, Ike and Ethan all have or are in the process of moving to the Wombats room. We welcome Ahmed, Anamika, Jack, Raphael, Hannah and Darcie to our room.

Our lovely Tracey also celebrates 29 years of service to our Centre – congratulations and thank you.

This month the children have enjoyed our writing station and exploring different ways to make our mark in the world. One of our creations was using play cars and paint and creating tracks on a road that Tracey had drawn. We then extended on this by using the metal frame in our playground to leave a mark on some black paper using white paint. This masterpiece is displayed in our room so feel free to check it out.

Moving forward this month the children have shown an interest in animals so we will be creating a pet shop in our room for the children to explore. Another interest is body parts which we will be looking further into this as well.

Please remember to bring appropriate shoes and clothing such as socks and enclosed shoes. This is to ensure that the children are safe on the equipment. If you have any questions or any input to the program, please feel free to chat to any member of staff in the Joeys room.

Danni, Tracey & Catriona

June 2017

Another busy month we have had in the Joeys. We have also welcomed some new children, Willow and Alex have been transitioning.

The children have loved our digging patch and have had some great learning experiences in this area. The sound project was also a success where lots of noisy play was enjoyed.

During July we are going to continue on a few different projects such as our writing station, loose parts, body parts and our self-help skills. Please make sure you take the time to check out our room and also your child’s writing book which you will find on the wall. These books are used for the children to have their own individual expression of creativity.

Please be mindful that the weather has become cooler and if possible could you please send your children in closed-in shoes. If there is anything you would like for us to focus on in the room or any goals for your child please feel free to chat to us.

Danni, Tracey & Catriona

May 2017

We have had a busy few months in the Joeys room and have welcomed some new friends. Our focus has been on our nursery project which the children have enjoyed and have learnt many new songs and increased their verbal communication.
Moving forward for the next focus we will be working on our garden project as the children have showed an interest in digging and enjoy playing with trucks and cars. Our sound project is also very popular where we have already begun decorating our outdoor space with things that make sound. If you have any unwanted materials that are safe and waterproof for this project please feel free to share.
As always if you have anything you would like to share what you did on the weekend or anything you would like us to focus on please share a story on Story Park or chat to myself or Tracey.

February 2017

A fantastic start to the year!! We welcomed a few new children to the Centre – Brandon, Sophie, Ayva and Oscar. For a short time we did have Elouise but she has had to leave us.

In January, we focused on establishing relationships with the children and for them to feel safe and secure in their new environments. We achieved this by making the environment inviting and changed it to better suit the children’s routines. On the wall, we also placed the childrens photos and their routines for them to reflect on and they can point to themselves as well as their peers. By doing this it also helped other educators to get to know the Joeys.

Last month we also celebrated Australia Day and Chinese New Year. For Australia Day, we had a day of Aussie greats – backyard cricket and of course water play. For Chinese New Year, the whole Centre had a lantern parade.

Moving forward in February our focus will be our construction area outdoors. We have already begun by removing the old cubby house. If you have anything to contribute to this area, we would be more than grateful. Thank you to Liam’s dad, Clint, for the witches’ hats and cable drums. The children are also showing a great interest in dramatic play so we will continue with this also. Thank you to Sophie’s mum, Angela, for the donation of home corner play food.

If there is anything at all you would like for us to focus on with your child, please let us know. Thank you to all who have returned their Welcome Pack Forms. If you haven’t already, please return as soon as possible as this is the information we use on our wall.

Danni, Tracey & Catriona

October News

joeys-pic-croppedWelcome to a new month in the Joey’s room! I can’t believe it’s already October. We have had a lot of changes in the Joey’s room lately but the children are taking it all in their stride. Even though we miss Jess and Mia, the Joey’s are equally happy to have Shannon and Rhiannon try and fill their shoes (not an easy task but one I’m sure we are up for).

We have a slightly new routine now in the Joey’s room to prepare them for moving into the Wombat’s room in the new year. They have taken to it extremely well and are loving more indoor time (out of the heat) and the small group time we do together everyday.

As well as all of this the children have been exploring filling and pouring with lots of different objects, including toys from the room, sand, water and small shells. We have been doing a lot of building using the big mega blocks and the children’s towers are getting higher and higher. We have been talking about colours and trying to recognize them using the colour blocks (blue and red are the favourite colours). Reading books and singing songs are the most popular group time activities, with the children choosing the books and songs.

It has been a busy but very fun month.

Shannon, Rhiannon & Tracey

August News

joeys-croppedWe have been focusing on incorporating interests from home into our weekly programs. We have played with dinosaurs, baby dolls, pouring/transferring dirt, sand, rice, pasta etc and reflections/shadows/mirror images. If your child has any interests that they are enjoying at home which you would like us to incorporate into our program please let us know.

Our new foam block display on the fence has become very popular with all the children in our room and is also encouraging socialisation between groups as the older children from other groups come to the fence to play and communicate with the Joeys children. It has been wonderful watching the different ways the children have chosen to adapt and use the new experience.

We were also lucky to have our last little fish have lots of babies, who seem to be doing well. We have separated the mother into a new tank and the baby fish are in the old tank as the adult fish enjoy eating their young. If there are any families who would like any of our little fish for a tank at home please speak with Jess. It must be a decent tank 20ltr with filter and heater (set to 26 degrees).

We will be relabelling lockers as we have some children moving up from the nursery to fill the spaces that were available in the room, so please take a quick look to see that your child’s locker hasn’t changed.

We have also begun toilet training for those children whose parents have discussed the process with us and think they are ready. At this point we are beginning the process with sitting the children on the toilet at every calm nappy change period and once children are confident with that we will then discuss putting them in training pants during play times. If this is something you are interested in starting with your child please talk to one of the girls in the room.

If there is anything else that the educator in the Joeys room can help you with, please don’t hesitate to talk with one of us.

Jess, Tracey & Mia

July News

Joeys pic smlThe Joeys room has been very busy this month. We recently asked our parents to let us know of the experiences that their children were showing an interest in at home so that we could start to incorporate them into our program. The responses we received included: dinosaur play, reading, experimenting with shadows and reflections, dolls/handbags, pretending to shop and things to do with vehicles and transport. To incorporate one of our interests from home, the Joeys made dinosaur fossils. We then went on to bury the fossils in trays of sand and the children used brushes to search for them. We will continue to incorporate some of these experiences into our program over the next month. If your child is showing any interests in things which I have not mentioned, please let one of us know and we will endeavour to incorporate that experience into our program.

Over the next few months we are going to start to incorporate cooking into our program. We are asking for any parents who may have multicultural backgrounds to bring in simple children friendly recipes that represent that culture. We look forward to seeing what we receive. Feel free to bring in a few and we will try and cook all of them between now and the end of the year.

We would like to remind parents that we are setting up goals for the last semester of the year, so if there are any goals which you have not mentioned to us, please do so and we will incorporate them into our program wherever possible.

Jess, Julie, Tracey & Mia

June News

Joeys Pic croppedIt has been another great month in the Joeys room. We are still missing Julie as she is still on leave, however Tracey and Mia have picked up an extra day in the room for continuity, which has really been great.

We have welcomed a new a new friend, Dhanvi, to the Joeys room who joins us on Tuesdays and Fridays.

We have continued to enjoy art and sensory experiences which you may have seen on the wall. We definitely enjoy getting creative and messy in our room. A lot of time has been spent playing ball games and having bike races which are another favourite especially for our Joeys boys.

We are now using Storypark to upload our observation and daily stories so please log in to see what we have been doing and how much fun we’ve been having. I have also uploaded our midyear goals form, so if all parents and families could log on and fill out the form that would be fantastic.

Jess, Julie, Tracey & Mia

May News

Joeys Fish tankIt has been another great month for the Joeys. I would like to start by welcoming Remi, who is a part of our group on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday and Oakley, who has joined our group on Mondays. We also have Ian transitioning into the Wombats room for small visits until he is ready to move up.

This month we have been focusing on art, music and dancing, dressing up and baby dolls. These have been the favourite experiences for the children. Of course we have still had the bikes, sandpit and the obstacle climbing courses.

We have also welcomed some new fish to our room. The children really missed having “Chips” in the tank so we bought some new friends for our tank. We now have four little Platy’s – one is named Yoyo, which was chosen by Kamrin, and another is named Lemon, which was chosen by Heidi and Finn. We are hoping to get two more in the next few weeks as well as some plants. We have also arranged a second tank in the hope that we will have some baby fish in the next few months and once they are old enough these will be offered to families at the Centre.

A big happy birthday to Ian who had his 2nd birthday this month.

Jess, Julie, Tracey & Mia

April News

Joeys cropWe would like to start by welcoming our new little friends, Harper, Ava, Remi and Grace, to the Joeys room – they are all settling very well.

The Joey’s have had a wonderful month. We have being doing a lot of art this month, some for Anzac Day, which we are arranging for display and lots for our mum’s which will be sent home.

We would like to remind all families that our family tree is finished and on the wall and it would be wonderful if all families could bring in a family photo. If you have one, please email to joeys@blackwoodstreetchildcentre.com.au., you can also send any stories from home and photos to the same address and we can print them off and put them up on the window for you.

We are continuing with our garden project, it is going well and we would love to ask parents to bring in any herb or vege plants that you may like to see growing in our garden or that you may enjoy using at home. We would also like to thank those who have already brought in plants.

Lastly we wish all the mother’s and grandmothers an enjoyable Mothers Day.

Jess, Julie, Tracey & Mia

March News

Joeys PhotoPhoto: Kamrin and Elora discussing the pictures on our stories from home window

March was another wonderful month in the Joeys room. Firstly we enjoyed welcoming three new children to our room. Archer transitioned from the nursery to our room on a Thursday and new to our group are Gracie on Mondays and Tuesdays and Ava on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

We are still encouraging families to bring in stories from home. Over the next few weeks we will be sending the story from home sheets home with the children. We also encourage you to bring in family photos for our family tree.

Through April we are going to be focussing on more art which is a particular interest for some children at the moment, musical instruments, music and dance which is also of big interest. But mostly, we will focus on welcoming our new friends and settling them into the room routine.

Birthday wishes during April to Ava 2nd, Gracie 27th and Caitlyn 30th.

Jess, Julie, Tracey & Mia

February News

Joeys photoFebruary was a great month in the Joeys room as most of our children have settled in well and are discovering that play not constructive and set experiences but demolition, hopefully in the next few months we can begin set group experiences.

Some of the favourite experiences for this month have been singing songs and group times. Our favourite songs include – Wheels on the Bus, Galoumf went the Little Green Frog and Old Macdonald. Water play is still another favourite experience which we are doing on a regular basis, so we ask that parents sunscreen upon drop off and label all clothing so that we can pack it back into bags without any confusion. To make sunscreening an easy process we do have our chart above the fish tank and try to leave the sunscreen up next to it.

Julie B. will be away on leave from March 11 and returning on March 31, we hope she has a lovely time.

During March we are looking forward to working on gross motor skills through our obstacle courses and beginning to do some craft and sensory play as these were experiences which the children enjoyed while I was on holiday. We have also begun to grow plants for our wall garden which has become an ongoing project. I have an ongoing observation storybook, which I will be sending home for parent comments and feedback which I will then add into the book.

Olivia is celebrating her birthday on 8 March, so we hope she has a great day.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel more then welcome to talk to myself, Julie B., Tracey or Mia, one of us will be here at most times of the day.

Jess, Julie, Tracey & Mia

January News

Joeys PicThe staff in the Joeys room would like to welcome you back to the Centre for another year and hope you all had a lovely Christmas break. We have enjoyed getting to know all our children, parents and families and are looking forward to continuing to do so.

During January we have been working on settling the children into the room routine and forming friendships and relationships. Some of the experiences which have helped us to do this have been water play, bubbles and listening to music.

All the children are doing very well with settling in, although rest time is proving tricky which was to be expected with a new room and no more cots etc. Please continue to bring in anything that will help the children to settle and rest as this is most important.

During February we will continue to focus on settling the children and forming friendships with our parents and families.

Since it can be difficult to settle children and set up for the daily experiences it would be appreciated if parents and families could remember to sunscreen their children upon drop off. There is a chart, as well as sunscreen, above the fish tank so you can mark off your child’s name once this is done.

We would also like to ask that parents try and label all belongings to prevent things from getting lost. Any items which are not labelled and we do not recognise who they belong to will be put on our blue tables at the end of the day.

If you have any concerns or things that you would like to discuss, please feel free to chat either with myself, Julie B, Tracey or Mia.


The Joeys Room Educators

December News

december newsletter pic JoeysWe would like to thank everyone for an amazing year – the Joey’s children have grown so much over this time. Looking back at the goals that you as parents and us as educator’s had set for your children for the year, we can happily say that the children have become confident in all of these areas. The children have grasped toilet training, have an understanding of sharing and turn taking, have developed their language skills, can sit and interact through a group time, can follow directions and demonstrate empathy for their peers.

Through the past few months we have been concentrating on transition visits to the large playground as this will help the children feel safe and secure when they move up into their new environment. All of the Joey’s children have embraced these visits and now ask to go out to the playground. The children have learnt how to line up like a train at the fence while they wait. It has been a pleasure teaching the Joey’s this year and watching them grow and blossom into amazing little individuals with wonderful personalities.

We wish the Joey’s all the best in their new adventures as big Wombat children. We know they will have fun and Paula will be following them up into the room. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing everyone in the new year.

Angela & Paula


November News

joeys october picLately the Joeys have been focusing on toilet training. This is going very well and we have seen some wonderful progress. Just a few reminders: If your child is toilet training you will need to bring in about five pairs of undies as there can be accidents. As the weather is getting hotter we will also be focusing on our sensory exploration using water and other materials. Please remember to pack spare clothes that are suitable for the warmer weather.

With the new electronic sign in system in full swing now, we have been noticing that parents are not always checking the communication book or the whiteboard in the Joeys room. Please remember that we still write notes for you in the communication book and we are also starting a Sunscreen Roster.

We have decided to place out a Sunscreen Roster for you to tick off after you have sunscreened your child in the morning. As it states in the Sunscreen Policy it is the parent’s responsibility to sunscreen their children in the morning. Research suggests that you should sunscreen yourself 20 minutes before going out in the sun. If you do not have sunscreen at home we have sunscreen available at the Centre next to the communication book. This would be a great help as it can get very busy settling children in the morning and with the weather getting hotter we need to make sure everyone has their sunscreen on.

Also in the Joeys room above the communication book you will notice the program for the month. This gives you an understanding of the experiences being provided throughout the day and what the intentional teaching areas are behind the activities. At the bottom of this form there is a part where parents can add their feedback, please feel free to write any comments that you have. If you would like to add anything more to the program or have any areas you would like us to concentrate on, please feel free to talk to Angela or Paula.

Next to the communication book there are also some forms that you can take home and write a story about your child’s weekend or something special they have done. This is a great way of sharing with the class and we can then contribute the story to your child’s journal. Remember you can take these journals home to read whenever you like. There is a form next to them that you just sign when you take the journal and sign when you bring it back. This is a wonderful way of exploring early literacy with your child as you read the stories together at home.

Thank you

Angela and Paula


October News

Wow September was a busy month with the children starting their toilet training. This will take time and practice and as long as we work together with consistency at home as well as at the Centre, the children should get better and better. Some of the younger ones we have not started toileting yet as they are a bit too little.

Two main focuses in the room have been dress ups and cooking. Dress ups help the children learn to work on their self-help skills as we are trying to get them to dress themselves and develop their independence skills. Also role play is a great way for the children to express themselves and explore their identities.

With cooking we have been talking about hygiene and keeping our hands clean by washing them before we cook. The children have made their own playdough and some cookies this month. We will follow on with this interest and do some more cooking with the children.

Outside climbing has been popular and with the children’s skill levels developing every day we are putting out more difficult climbing to help challenge their abilities and scaffold on from their skill level.

The children are talking a lot more now and starting to form sentences using two to three words. To help with this we have been doing small group times with lots of songs and stories. Singing and reading encourage children to learn more words and to challenge themselves by saying more words.

With the warmer weather approaching we remind you to put in more summer style clothes and more spares especially with toileting and also because water play will be more regular now.

Thank you.

Angela & Paula

Joeys pic august newsl picSeptember News

We have been getting back into exploring with water in the sandpit as the weather warms up. This is a great sensory activity for the children as they use their hands and fingers, and even their feet, to explore and mix the water and sand together.

Inside we have been also experimenting with playdough which is another sensory activity for building strength in fine motor skills. We added some playdough scissors for the children to explore using and most of the children used two hands to try and manipulate the scissors. With guidance some of the children are now able to cut holding the scissors the correct way. We will keep focusing on this activity to build up the children’s confidence and skills with the scissors.

Dress ups has also been a big focus this month as Angela brought in her special ones from home to share. The children have been very curious about trying on the different dress ups and role playing in them. This is a wonderful way for children to explore different roles through dramatic play and expand on their social skills.

As the weather is getting warmer we will also be starting toilet training as a lot of the children are showing interest and asking to sit on the toilet. Please remember to buy some undies for your children and place them in your child’s bag. You will need about five pairs as there is bound to be some accidents in the beginning which is normal as your child begins to recognise their bodily functions.

Thank you.

Angela & Paula

July News

The year has just flown by, the children in the Joeys room have been growing and developing their skills in leaps and bounds over the last six months. I thought we might take a moment to look at where the children are at in their developmental milestones.

Gross Motor Skills

The Joeys can walk confidently, run around the playground, kick and throw balls, climb up and down obstacle courses, jump from the bouncy plank and balance along planks, walk across stepping stones, manipulate the sand in the sandpit, ride on the push bikes and the trikes and use hammers to bang.


The children can understand a lot of what is communicated to them from their peers and educators. Also they are saying lots of words and putting two words together in a sentence. The children can also follow direction a lot easier now, for example: please go to wash your hands. The children then move to the bathroom to wash their hands. The Joeys can also communicate “stop” to their friends when they are doing something they do not like. Singing songs has also become a strong strength for the Joeys.

Fine Motor Skills

The Joeys can use a spoon to feed themselves, hold their water bottle to drink, wash their hands by rubbing them together under water, use a paper towel to dry their hands, stack blocks up, build with duplo, connect train tracks and trains together, place their hats on their heads and take them off, take shoes off, hold a paint brush and pencil in a fist grasp, do actions to songs, hold a book and turn the pages, squish and manipulate playdough.

We hope that this has been helpful to see all of the growth that the children have been doing over the past 6 months.


Ange & Paula

June News

The children have been exploring their language skills this month. We have observed all of the children trying to talk more and saying three word sentences. Sometimes the sentences sound like jibberish which is a normal way for children to learn and experiment with language.

To help encourage this interest in words, we have started singing the ABC’s to the children while pointing out the letters on a chart. The Joey’s demonstrate a lot of interest in this activity and are often found looking and pointing at the letters on the chart.

Also throughout the day we will often sit down with the children and sing songs. Angela sings a lot of action songs to the children which have become very popular. The Joey’s are very good at following the song and doing the actions.

Last month the children were very involved in climbing and we have extended this on this month by introducing a large wooden plank that bounces as the children jump on it. This is great for the children to grow confidence in not only their gross motor skills but their balancing and jumping abilities.

June has been a wonderful month with the children interacting verbally and non-verbally with their peers as they play.

Angela & Paula

May News

This month in the Joeys room we have been focusing on our manners, Angela and Paula have been role modelling saying please and thank you. We have seen a huge improvement in the children as they say “please” for toys or a drink. Also the children are saying “Ta” when they have been given what they have asked for.


Outside the Joeys have been challenging their balancing skills on the stepping stones and planks. To add another level of balancing, Angela added the blue bridge for the children to try. This needed a lot of guidance as the children wanted to all go on it at once. After a very busy day we chose to use the red bridge for the children to strengthen their gross motor skills, as more children can use the bridge at a time. This is working very well and we are seeing the children using their upper body strength as they lift themselves up using the bars of the bridge.

We have noticed a huge improvement in the children as they use the stepping stones as well, at the beginning of the month the children needed to hold an educators hand to walk across them.  Now the children can move across these stepping stones with confidence and by themselves.


Each month the children demonstrate in the Joeys room how they are growing in all ways:

Having a strong identity – This is seen by how safe and secure the children feel in their environment. It is also evident in the bonds and relationships they are building with not only their educators but their peers as well.

Contribute to their world – We see this as the children learn through play they share ideas and are developing skills to share their toys with one another also.


Have a strong sense of wellbeing – This is evident when the children engage with each other throughout their day. We have observed children comforting each other with a pat or a cuddle when another is upset. Also the children will happily play in group experiences.

Confident and involved learners – The children demonstrate this every day by expressing curiosity and wonder in the experiences planned for them and displayed each day.


Effective communicators – This is seen when the educators sing to the children, the children will try to sing or do the actions to the song and then clap when finished. Also the children are communicating their needs more and more by words.

Thank you.

Angela & Paula

April News

The Joey’s have had a very productive month. We have been following the Joey’s interest in planes and rockets, this began from using some waffle blocks to build with. Extending on from this the Joey’s helped Angela to build a rocket out of boxes, after the rocket was constructed the children helped to paint it red.

Continuing on with the children’s focus on rockets, Angela also introduced some large waffle blocks for the children to manipulate into a large rocket with guidance. The rocket was big enough for the children to stand in one at a time, while Angela did a count down.

The children have really been enjoying this exploration of planes and rockets and this topic has been encouraging lots of words from the children like: plane, rocket and counting to five. We are also using a large box with the children for them to role play in and pretend it is a rocket. Following the children’s interests is a great way for children to learn through play and explore their interests while extending on them.

In the Joey’s room we have been also focusing on practicing our manners when we ask for a drink or food. The children have become very good at saying, “ta” and “please”.

Everyone has finally settled into the Joey’s room and are happy to say good-bye in the mornings and transition into their day.

Thank you.

Angela & Paula

March News

The children are very settled in their environment now.  This is evident in their play as the children are not only feeling safe and secure as they interact with their educator’s but their peer’s as well. The Joey’s are a very caring group of children as they will often offer a cuddle to a friend who is upset, or help hand out drink bottles to their peers.


The Joey’s have a great understanding of the routine in the room and are becoming very good at following directions. We have been focusing a lot on teaching the children about hygiene, we are doing this by guiding the children on how to wash their hands after every nappy change and before every meal. Angela and Paula help the children rub the soap on their hands making bubbles to clean the germs off. This is going very well and some of the children can rub their own hands together to create the bubbles.


Outside cooking in the sand pit is still very popular with the water and the sand. We will follow this interest by providing the cooking props and water for the children to continue their role play with. Speaking of role play the children have been enjoying some dress ups which Angela brought in, they spend all morning putting on the toy glasses and necklaces, wearing them as they play. We would love to extend on this with the children, if you have any dress up’s at home that you could bring in and share with us that would be amazing.



Angela & Paula

February News

Thu 19 Feb 2015, 9:15 AM

Wow what a busy month it has been. The children have all settled in really well into their environment. This is evident in the mornings at drop off as the children are separating with no tears and happily going off to play as they say good-bye to their parents. Angela and Paula have worked very hard to get the children to this level of feeling comfortable and relaxed in the Joey’s room.


The children have been very focused on animals lately and in March we will be having a visit from the Ocean Life Education Experience. This will give the children a hands on experience with some underwater creatures, where they can feel, look and touch the animals.


Another focus we have had with the children over the past month has been about teaching them to share the toys. Also how to communicate “stop” if someone is trying to take a toy from them. This is an ongoing process which we will keep guiding the children on through the coming months.


We have had some biting happening in the room over the last month as well. We would like to reassure everyone that this, even though it is a distressing part of children’s development, is normal and we are aware of the situation and we are guiding the children to use their words to say “mine” and not their teeth, as the biting usually happens over conflict of a toy.


Outside the children have shown an interest in the garden. This has prompted Paula to extend on this by doing some gardening with the children. This will help to teach the children about caring for our plants and environment instead of ripping leaves off the trees.


If you would like any further information on biting please ask Angela or Paula and we can print some out for you.


Thank you from the Joey’s Team.


Angela & Paula