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Koalas News

September 2017

This month has been a big month of growth and development in the Koalas room. We have seen so many of our little friends come leaps and bounds in their bodies abilities … we have had crawling, walking on walkers and even some first steps taken! We have been spending a lot of one of one time with each child to help cater to their individual developmental needs, giving each child the time and space needed to make these big leaps and bounds. It has been beautiful to be a part of!

Coming into the end of the year is a big and busy time. The babies are growing at an exceptional rate and many of them have been a part of the Koalas room since they arrived at Blackwood Street. This time of year we spend more time exposing the children to more challenging and active experiences to continue to foster their growth and development without the children getting restless or bored. We have been exposing the children to a variety of different and inquiry rich experiences that have fostered their desire to be challenged. If you have any ideas or experiences (or even particular educational toys from home) that have proved popular for your child we would love to hear of them to share in the room.

We are still looking for a few family photographs to add to the bottom of our sleep room door, please do so if you have not already.

Laura, Jenny, Catriona & Kim (in spirit)

August 2017

Wow, what a big month of growth, development and learning our little Koala friends have had! My name is Laura and I have stepped in to cover Kim during her short absence. The last week has been spent getting to know all the individual personalities of the Koalas children as well as the children’s individual routines and daily needs. If you have anything you would like to discuss about your babies development in the next few weeks please don’t hesitate to talk to myself (Laura) or Jenny.

August had been a big month of learning about all the animals we can find on safari … some plastic animals were added to the shelves and we are adding a photo book for the babies to investigate and possibly match to the plastic animals. As the babies are getting older and becoming more independent and busy in their body movements we have been adding some challenging climbing activities for them to explore like balance beams on low climbing frames. It was quickly discovered that the little cars can zoom down the balance beams which makes for lots of fun!

Jenny is kindly asking for those families that haven’t yet provided a family photo to please do so as soon as possible. If you are unable to bring in a physical copy of a family photo could you please send them through in an email to koalas@blackwoodstreetchildcentre.com.au for us to print and share in the room.

Laura, Jenny, Catriona & Kim (in spirit)

July 2017

This month we celebrated NAIDOC (National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee) Week. NAIDOC Week celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The children played Brajerack – an indigenous game similar to hide-and-seek. They took turns hiding in the wombat hole (cardboard box) and the other children had to find them. There were lots of squeals and giggles as they each had a turn.

We also played with tapping sticks and a Kulup, which is a musical instrument used in the Torres Strait made from the seeds of a Kulup tree.

Continuing on with our project of bringing more natural elements into our environment, we have been given 4 brand new elho hanging pot plants that need to be filled. Please see Kim, Jenny or Catriona if you can help out.

Kim & Jenny

June 2017

The children in the Koalas room have shown an interest in animals. We have extended on their learning by providing small environments. There are baskets full of wooden and plastic animals that the children can easily access. We have also taped photos of animals to the floor. Some children can match the animal to the photo and some can make the sounds of the animals. We also have books with animals that the children can access, and of course our favourite song is Old MacDonald Had a Farm. If your children have a favourite animal book they would like to share with their peers, please feel free to bring it in.

Don’t forget to check out the display in the foyer this month – lots of sensory experiences brought to you by the Koalas room.

Reminder: Please label all items bottles, cups, clothes, sheets etc.


Kim & Jenny

May 2017

We have been very busy in the Koalas room over the past couple of months. We have seen a few of our Koalas transition up to the Joeys room (senior nursery), which has enabled us to welcome new Koalas. Our focus is to continue to create a warm and nurturing environment which will assist the children to feel safe, secure and supported. We will continue to support children in times of change and bridge the gap between the familiar and the unfamiliar.

The Koalas have been focusing on different sensory experiences.  Educators have created small sensory baskets for the children. This type of resource offers challenge, intrigue and surprise  We have also created a sensory mobile hanging with different types of material and this week have added bells to the mobile.

Our favourite song in the Koalas room is ‘Incy Wincy Spider’.

Reminder:  Please name all items bought to daycare.

Kim & Jenny

February 2017

Well, the bubbies are certainly settling into the Koalas Room and exploring their new environment. There are a few who are sad in the morning, but they are easily distracted and tend to settle quickly once Mum and Dad have gone. We’re working on building children’s sense of security and trust by developing strong bonds between educators and children. That’s why you’ll see us spending lots of time on the floor.

This month we have seen a few milestones reached, with some of the children rolling over, sitting up starting to crawl and walking. The older children are showing their climbing and balancing skills on the obstacle course in the courtyard.

We would like you to bring in a family photo that we will place on the lower half of the sleep room door where the children will be able to see them. This helps with building a confident self-identity.

Please remember to label all items that come to the Centre, this includes bottles, dummies, sheets, clothes and cuddly toys.

See you in the Koalas Room
Kim, Mel, Jenny & Renee

September / October News

koalas-1-smlIt has been a busy few months in the Koalas Room! We farewelled Shannon as she moved to the Joeys Room, and we welcomed Mel from her permanent relief role. We’ve also undergone some changes to the physical environment and programming process, following some inspiring workshops with Early Childhood Consultant, Caroline Frewster.

There have been a number of interests from the children that we have been exploring and using as opportunities to extend their knowledge and skills, whilst also having lots of fun! We are doing little group times, using props to sing and encourage lots of new words from the children. The children have also been loving dress ups and looking at themselves in the mirror. This has become quite a social event with lots of interactions between the children!

The interest in sensory play continues as the children explore sand, water and other natural items. They’ve really enjoyed mixing the sand and water, using their hands to feel the different textures. We are also loving painting and drawing at the moment, and are in the process of adding new resources to the room to provide even more opportunities for creative expression!

There was another Koalas Mums Reunion in October, giving our mums an opportunity for a fun night out together. The next catch up is planned for Friday, 25 November (details to be confirmed). We hope you can make it!

With the hot weather upon us and lots of messy sensory play planned, please make sure you have a few changes of summer clothes in your child’s bag.

Don’t forget a water bottle/cup for your child too (clearly labelled please), as we are offering water frequently throughout the day (the children love having a little sit down and chat together while they rest and have a drink!).

Thank you!

Kim, Mel & Jenny

August News

koalas-2-croppedThis month in the Koalas room we have been looking at new ways to explore our resources. We recently had a wonderful staff networking meeting which showed us new ways to present our resources for the children to explore. We have been putting this into effect and trialling new ideas. The Koalas have been experimenting with animals, scarves, balls, anything with wheels (always a favourite) and drawing.

Getting together as a group is becoming very popular and ensuring that we have enough out for each child is imperative as we are still learning how to share. Our group drawing was a big success and something we will be doing more of using different mediums.

As the children are at the stage of self-awareness a lot of our experiences are being done in front of the mirrors, dressing up, ball games and texture experiments are great for this as the children can watch their own reactions and what they look like.

Reminder: As the weather is warming up please ensure that cooler clothes are in the children’s bag, so we are able to change them if necessary.

Kim, Shannon & Jenny

July News

Koalas Pic 1Partnerships with families contribute to building a strong, inclusive community within the service.

The Koala Mums recently enjoyed a night out – lots of conversation, laughs and a unanimous decision to do it again.

What have we been doing in the Koalas Room?
With 18 children in the room (not all at once), and each with their own interests, we have had many different experiences set out for them to explore. We have had the farm animals out and have been encouraging the children with their sounds and words. “Old MacDonald had a Farm” has become a favourite song. Easel painting has been fun, with some of the artwork displayed on the windows. In the courtyard the children have been keeping active on the obstacle course. A cardboard box over the top of the tunnel has turned it into more of a cubby house. We have noticed that the children take the toys and books with them and play inside the tunnel. The children have also had lots of fun making music with the new musical instruments.

Wishing a very Happy 1st Birthday to Eyal, Selby and Liam.

Kim, Shannon & Jenny

June News

Koalas croppedAn addition to our room is our new Tee Pee. We added a furry mat and some books, and as you can see, it is quite inviting. With our room being a bit noisy at times it is important to create quiet spaces for the children to be able to go to when they need some time by themselves.

We have also been working on experiences to recognise NAIDOC week. We did storytelling about animals, by dipping our fingers in the red, black white and yellow paint – photos of this experience are on display on the door to the courtyard. We have also been using crayons to colour-in Australian animals using the same colours.

We would like to welcome Eyal and family to the Koalas room. And a big Happy 1st Birthday to Avé, Thomas and Mila.

Shortly we will be contacting you through Storypark about setting goals for your child for the second half of the year. This will assist us in planning for your child’s individual needs.

Please ensure all clothing is labelled.

Our family photo display is growing, if you haven’t sent in your family photo, you can email it to koalas@blackwoodstreetchildcentre.com.au.

See you in the Koalas Room.

Kim, Shannon & Jenny

May News

Koalas CroppedIt was lovely to catch up with some of our Mums at the Mothers Day afternoon tea. There was talk about routines and milestones, and it was a reunion for some of our Mums who attended the same Mothers group.

We have noticed the older children are becoming more involved in the everyday routine within our room. One example is when Donna delivers the morning tea, and we ask the children if they would like something to eat, the older ones make their way over to the hallway door, as they know this is where the chairs are kept. Another example is when we ask the children to come to the bathroom for a nappy change. They know where to go and the older ones come over with their arms up in the air ready to be lifted onto the change table. (We do get the cheeky ones that run the other way and make a game out of it.) As children move into early childhood settings, they broaden their experiences in different routines, relationships and communities.

We would like to welcome Luna and family to the Koalas room.

We wish Petrina all the best in her new role as Lead Educator Float, and welcome Shannon as the new Lead Educator in Koalas on Mondays, Tuesdays, and co-Lead Educator on Wednesdays. We hope you both enjoy these new roles.

Please provide daily a water bottle/sippy cup for your child.

Our family photo display is growing, if you haven’t sent in your family photo, you can email it to koalas@blackwoodstreetchildcentre.com.au.

See you in the Koalas Room.

Kim, Shannon & Jenny

April News

Koalas CroppedClimbing, over, climbing under, and climbing through. We have noticed some of the children trying to climb onto the table and chair in the Koalas room. So to encourage the children to climb outside, we have been setting up climbing activities in the courtyard.  By setting up these learning environments, we are providing appropriate levels of challenge where children are encouraged to explore, and take appropriate risks in their learning.

We would like to welcome Lucy, Liam, Mila, Josiah and families to the Koalas room. Sometimes it may take a few visits for you to settle in, but we will be here to cuddle, comfort and make your transition into child care a positive one.

We have been busy working on a little gift for all the Mums.

Please provide daily a water bottle/sippy cup for your child (similar to one they currently use at home).

Our family photo display is growing, if you haven’t yet sent in your family photo, you can email it to koalas@blackwoodstreetchildcentre.com.au.

See you in the Koalas Room.

Kim, Petrina and Jenny

March News

Koalas PhotoHello from the Koalas Room,

We hope you all enjoyed the break over Easter as well as the Easter cards from your little bunny!

Kim made a sensory box for the children that included different textures – squares of carpet, grass, fluffy material and a mirror. The children engaged in and contributed to a shared play experience, and used play to investigate and explore.

Over the past few weeks we have noticed some changes as the children meet developmental milestones. We have seen some rolling over, sitting, crawling and walking. Each new milestone met, opens up a whole new world of learning and discovering.

Music and bubbles are a favourite this month. When the music starts, there are smiles, clapping hands and tapping feet. (The little big book club – Nursery Rhymes for everyday CD).

A warm welcome to Hazel as she joins us in the Koalas Room – and Birthday Wishes to Harvey who has joined the 1 year old club.

Please remember to:-

^^ Provide us with a photo of your family (or email koalas@blackwoodstreetchildcentre.com.au ) so we can display it on the sleep room door – this helps build connections between the home and care environment.

^^ Provide daily a water bottle/sippy cup for your child (similar to one they currently use at home).

^^ Please check your child’s nappy supply.

See you in the Koalas Room

Kim, Petrina and Jenny

February News

Continuing on from January, one of our planned experiences this month, has been to set up an obstacle course for the older children that includes climbing – to assist with the development of their gross motor skills.

A big welcome to the Koala room for our new Lead Educator Petrina (Mon, Tues & Wed), and our new babies – Parker, Hugh, Emilia and Arlo, we hope your transition into the room is an enjoyable experience and you can start exploring your new environment.

We would like to wish Kamrin, Heidi and Emily all the best as they move up to the Joeys room.

Birthday wishes to Archer and Emilia who have both turned one in February.

Please remember to:-
• provide us with a photo of your family so we can build connections between the home and care environment.
• label all items that come to the Centre, this includes bottles, dummies, clothes and cuddly toys.
• Please check your child’s nappy supply weekly.
*** Please provide daily a water bottle/cup for your child (similar to one they currently use)***

See you in the Koalas Room
Kim, Jenny & Patrina

January News

Koalas PicWell, the bubbies are certainly settling into the Koalas Room and exploring their new environment.

There are a few who are sad in the morning, but they are easily distracted and tend to settle quickly once Mum and Dad have gone. We’re working on building children’s sense of security and trust by developing strong bonds between educators and children. That’s why you’ll see us spending lots of time on the floor.

This month we have seen a few milestones reached, with some of the children rolling over, sitting up, starting to crawl and walking. The older children are showing their climbing and balancing skills on the obstacle course in the courtyard.

We would like you to bring in a family photo that we will place on the lower half of the sleep room door where the children will be able to see them. This helps with building a confident self-identity.

Please remember to label all items that come to the Centre – this includes bottles, dummies, clothes and cuddly toys.

We would like to say a big thank you to Lisa for helping to settle our new babies into the Koalas Room, and wish her all the best as she moves into the Busy Bees room. We’d like to welcome Jenny back to the Koalas room. Jenny has been relieving Lisa for morning tea and lunch breaks in our room, so already has knowledge of each child’s individual needs. Jenny will be the Educator on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

See you in the Koalas Room.

Kim, Jess & Lisa

December News

From little things … Big things grow …

Koalas PicIt was a lovely way to celebrate the end of the year as all the children came together to share a beautiful Christmas lunch served up by Donna and her helpers from the kitchen.

Jenny, Jess and I have enjoyed watching your children grow and flourish into confident little learners. And we’d like to wish you and your children all the best as you move onto your new room in 2016. Hopefully the transitioning we have been doing over the last few weeks will help the children settle quickly with their new Educators.

Thanks for being awesome parents! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Kim, Jenny & Jess

November News

Koalas PortraitWe are continuing with our plan to transition the children to the next room. They have adapted quickly to the routine of sunscreen and hats before we go outside to play (although keeping the hats on is a challenge for the Educators). Once the gate to the Joeys yard is opened, the children are eager to explore this new environment.

This month we have been focusing on our language and communication skills. I have noticed the children greeting each other in the mornings with a friendly ‘hello’ and a ‘bye bye’ in the afternoons (even meeting each other socially at Geronimo’s for coffee). We have been singing counting songs using puppets, which seems to be very popular.

We have started decorating our room in preparations for our Christmas celebrations. Only a couple of weeks to go until our children’s Christmas party. With rehearsals well and truly underway, I’m sure our performance will be outstanding on the night! So I hope you can all make it and we look forward to seeing you there. Don’t forget Santa will be making an appearance so if you would like your child to receive a gift please bring in a wrapped book and leave it with Donna or Jillian in the office.

Thank you for those that were able to help out at the working bee – we gave the room a bit of a clean and tidy which looks great!

Until next time,
Kim, Jess & Jenny

October News

As the end of the year approaches, we are starting to transition the children to their next room. We are there with them as they explore the new environment. We do this by playing in the Joeys yard some mornings and afternoons (as we are a suns safe Centre, please provide a hat and sleeved shirt – hats are available for purchase at the office). We ask you to apply sunscreen to your child in the mornings, and we will re-apply again for the afternoons.

As the weather is getting warmer we will be experiencing water play. Please ensure your child has a named spare set of clothes in their bag.

Over the last couple of weeks, the children have been experiencing different arts and crafts such as, painting, gluing and play dough. In these activities, they are learning to interact with their peers, and understand the world around them as they come to communicate, discover, imagine and create.

We would like to welcome Elora to the “1 year old” club.

Until next time,

Kim, Jess & Jenny


Koalas PictureSeptember News

Wow! Spring is certainly in the air this week and we can feel a change in the air. The warmer weather is just around the corner and we would like to take the opportunity to remind you to be packing cooler clothes for the children. Even the sleeping bags – maybe it is time to think about replacing them with a thinner one or a light sheet/blanket.

We have celebrated a few 1st Birthday’s this month! Welcome to the 1 Club – Charlie, Charlotte and Kamrin. We also welcome Archer to our room on a Tuesday.

The children have been very busy and curious learners. Just this week we have seen a lot more children becoming confident with talking and following basic instructions. They have been using a lot more communication and extending on language. Our favourite thing to do is to talk about animal sounds and singing a few songs.

Teagen, Kym  & Jenny

July News

The months are flying by and we are seeing so many of our children in Koala’s growing and developing.

Our communication skills are strengthening and we are noticing that the children are now talking and interacting verbally and non-verbally with others.  We have noticed that the children are comprehending simple routines and we are fostering their self autonomy to extend on their knowledge and understandings.

Our interests and possible lines of development in July have been:

  • Role playing with dolls.
  • Crawling and becoming mobile – using the environment and surrounds to explore and discover.
  • Investigating light and colour with the illuminating lights box.
  • Exploring our senses with play dough.
  • We celebrated NAIDOC week with a collaboration of hand and foot printing to symbolise the sacred land.

Happy birthday to Thomas who turned 1 in July. Welcome back to Molly and her Mum who have been on  a big overseas adventure to Europe – we thank you for the lovely postcard you sent and hope you enjoyed your trip. We say farewell to Liam this month; we have seen you meet significant milestones and settle into care so well and we will miss your beautiful nature and smiles. We welcome Archer and his family into the Koalas room. We hope that you enjoy your time with us and that you are feeling safe and secure. We have lots of experiences and friends all waiting to get to know you.

Please remember that if you are going away on a holiday, family celebration, life event, milestone or something you want to share with us, please bring in photos or a description of what you did and we will be able to include it into our curriculum. You are also welcome to take the Learning Journals home with you and have a read; feel free to have input and create a story. They are located on the shelves to the left of the parent file.

Teagen, Kim & Jenny

June News

Over the last few weeks we have noticed more of the children showing an increasing interest in role playing with dolls, reading books and climbing on the obstacle course. We have fostered this interest by providing the children with the learning opportunities that relate to the interest. A few of the younger children have now become mobile, eagerly and confidently exploring the environment and world that surrounds them.

We have had a few children turn 1 in the months of May and June! Happy 1st Birthday to Ian, Mischa, Liam and Matilda. We hope that you have all enjoyed the celebrations and memories you created with your families.

There has been some learning story and documentation added into your child’s learning portfolio over the last few weeks. Please take the time to have a look at these entries. They are very valuable to your family and show the learning journey. We also do encourage the families to make entries into them as we value your input and feedback. If you are interested in making an entry or taking it home to have more time to read the stories please see Teagen, Kim or Jenny.

Teagen, Kim & Jenny

May News

We have been exploring and discovering our senses with the recent Under 8’s week celebrations. We spent the week being involved in a variety of activities that not only allowed us to explore our senses and promoted us to socially interact with other children and the wider community. The children explored with experiences such as messy spaghetti play, mystery-discovery bags, visual flash cards and even a visit from the Mitchelton State School Choir. We all had the opportunity to be involved in some way over the week and it provided us with many learning opportunities.

We have also developed an interest in climbing and setting ourselves challenges, reading books and communicating with responses. We have been encouraging the children to use socially positive interactions with promoting gentle play with the guiding their behaviours.

The last few weeks we have progressed from curriculum documentation being in a book and moved towards a slide show. This evolved from some reflections that the room educators had recently. Also the slide shows and some learning documentation will be kept in your child’s folios. We appreciate any feedback and suggestions with regards to the room curriculum and children’s interest. We can even provide you with a form to document a special event or moment which has happened in your family that you might like to share.

Teagen, Kim & Jenny

April News

We have explored, wondered and made many new discoveries recently in the Koala room. This has been through engaging in a variety of experiences. We have expressed wonder using formula tins, pipes, tubes and balls of ribbon. You would be surprised how much learning can occur from a formula tin and pipe. A child can hide things in it, put things in and out and experiment with the sounds as they bang and clang together. Then we ask where did the ball go down the pipe? We have also seen children using a simple piece of ribbon to put in and out of the tin and investigating through inquiry based learning. It can provoke a child’s spatial recognition and wonder as they explore the cause and effect of the filling and emptying of the tin.

We have opened up our senses by investigating sand play and had a huge bucket of shredded paper to sit in and throw about. We often ask the children; what does it feel like? This engages them in thinking strategies to engage

their minds.

The notice board near the sign in and out book has recently had some information put on it regarding typical child development milestones. Please take the time to have a read of the information. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s development please have a chat to us. We are more than happy to take the time to talk to you as we want to have open and clear communication.

If you have any pine cones or natural elements to add to our room please bring them in. We are wanting to hang a few things from the netting.

Teagen, Kim & Jenny

March News

We would like to take the time to welcome our new friends into the room. We hope that you enjoy the days here in the Koalas Room. Your time in the Koalas room will be filled with lots of cuddles and meeting your new friends.


A Happy 1st Birthday to Olivia!


What has been happening the last few weeks! We have seen a few children meet some developmental milestones this last month. We have many more of the children on the move and crawling and walking or moving on their tummy! Watch out world we are ready to learn and discover. We have loved the climbing equipment outside and love to dance and bop along to tunes. Our favourite is the Wiggles.


Lots of you expressed an interest in the parent morning tea. We have decided to hold off for a little bit longer on this as the Centre will be holding an event for Mother’s Day. We will keep you posted.


Parent donations! Do you have any ribbons, scarfs and pinecones that you would like to donate to us in the room.

Teagen, Jenny & Kim

February News

Thu 19 Feb 2015, 9:15 AM

During the month of February we have welcomed Axel and Thomas into our room. We hope that they enjoy their time with us in the Koalas Room. We also celebrated a few 1st Birthdays – Molly, Hugo and Rose all turned 1. Hip Hip Hooray!!


Please remember to empty your parent file on a regular basis. A few of you may not be aware of its location. It is the small brown filing cabinet that is to the left of the sign in and out bench. This area will slowly be transforming into a parent “hub” area. We will display children’s learning and documentation cycles so please keep an eye out for this.


We have spent the last few weeks developing secure and trusting relationships with the children. Settling the children into the room and forming meaningful and secure relationships is an ongoing and continual practise so now it is time to show you all how and what we are learning.


We have a family photo wall developing, slowly. Please remember to provide us with a picture of your family so we can build connections between the home and care environment.


We are thinking of arranging a Nursery Morning Tea on a Saturday for a few hours. We thought that it would be a fantastic opportunity for you all to get to know other Mums and Dads of the Koalas room. Drop off and pick up times don’t always allow for strengthening family connections so we thought that it would be a nice chance for you all to mingle and have a get together. Please see Teagen, Jenny or Kim if you would be interested. Dates and time will be advised soon.


A note from Teagen: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the families for a fantastic transition into the Koalas room. I have been in the room for about a month now and I am enjoying the beautiful little group that we have. Each day we love the cuddles, giggles and smiles. We are looking forward to a very lovely 2015.


See you in the Koalas Room.


Teagen, Jenny  & Kim