• 117 Blackwood Street, Mitchelton, QLD 4053
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  • info@blackwoodstreetchildcentre.com.au
Centre Philosophy

INDIVIDUALS – We believe all children are individuals, who develop at their own pace and are treated with value and respect.

PLAY – Play is valued as the fundamental medium of young children’s learning and believe that it is central to an effective Early Childhood Curriculum

LEARNING ENVIRONMENT – Providing each child with a caring, enjoyable and secure environment that utilises developmentally appropriate and responsive play experiences to assist each child’s growth and learning.

INCLUSION – Children with additional needs will be provided opportunities to be integrated into the program, taking into account the child’s and families individual needs whilst promoting the centres overall wellbeing.

DIVERSITY – It is acknowledged that each child is part of a wider family and cultural structure that is valued and supported. Each family is to be appreciated for their individuality and their customs, beliefs and values are respected.

PARTNERSHIPS – Partnerships with families will be valued and believe that these relationships lead to a stronger understanding of the child, assisting in providing a program that meets the needs and interests of all children. Families will be provided with regular opportunities to input into the programs of the service.

INTERESTS – Children will be provided opportunities to contribute and express their ideas, views and interests as they are valued as competent and capable learners.