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Our Philosophy
We believe in children’s right to be provided with high quality care and education.

We believe that children have the right to be treated with value and respect and to be empowered to be active participants in, and co-constructors of, their own learning. We believe in encouraging children’s agency, and self-expression, and in supporting them to develop resiliency. We believe that educators should be advocates for infants and young children.

We believe that all children are competent and capable learners and are valuable and contributing members within the learning environment. That they are individuals with unique attributes, learning styles, knowledge, skills, dispositions, and challenges and that these differences should be valued. We acknowledge that children are also part of a wider social community and that their knowledge, beliefs, understandings, and perceptions are influenced by this.

We believe that early childhood education should foster children’s holistic development, and that the early childhood years as crucial in providing the foundations for successful lifelong learning. We see play as a fundamental medium of young children’s learning and believe that it is central to an effective early childhood curriculum.

We view the role of teachers and educators as integral to the provision of a high quality early childhood education for infants and young children. We believe in actively engaging with children, and supporting them in developing a strong sense of well-being and connection to their learning. We believe in building nurturing, responsive, reciprocal, relationships with children, within which learning can occur.

We view it as part of teachers’ and educators’ role to support children in making appropriate choices and to encourage them to express and explore their knowledge and thoughts. We believe in fostering sustainable practices within our service and involving children in this learning. We view partnerships with families as vital and see parent and family participation as crucial to a successful early learning environment. We believe in ensuring ongoing communication with families and in developing meaningful connections though real partnerships with them to enhance learning outcomes for children, and to assist in providing consistency between home and Centre. We believe that through communicating freely and respectfully, valuable insights and perspectives can be shared. We value the varying customs and beliefs of families and will respect these.

We believe it is important to be open to continuous learning and sharing of knowledge and skills, so that we as the adults within the learning community, are constantly developing. We will use continuous critical reflection to promote ongoing best practice, and through this will be modelling for children that we are all a community of lifelong learners.