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Safety & Security

122ab773Comprehensive safety measures are fundamental to quality child programs. At the same time, overprotective measures must not stifle a stimulating and enjoyable environment. We strive to maintain a responsible balance and all staff are made aware of issues and areas requiring vigilant attention. The following outline assists staff in maintaining high standards of safety within the Centre:

  • # equipment is constantly checked by staff members for broken pieces, sharp edges etc.
  • # toys are free of small objects that can be detached, swallowed and/or inhaled
  • # outdoor areas are regularly checked for potential hazards
  • # swing areas are well supervised
  • # sandpits are kept clean, safe and are covered at night
  • # all electrical outlets are kept covered
  • # fans are shielded
  • # when attending to children on change tables, staff keep a firm hold on the child at all times
  • # cleaning chemicals and medication are clearly labelled and stored safely away from children.